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The Importance Of A Quality Mattress

Sleep – it’s hugely important, as we all know. Sleep is what keeps us going. It’s what keeps us happy and healthy. If you’ve ever gone too long without sleep, you know the effect that it can have on your mood as well as your overall productivity and brain function. Sleep is what helps our brains to develop when we are young children, and toddlers and small kids need as much as twelve to fourteen hours of sleep in just one day. Newborn babies sleep more than they’re awake! And even as an adult, though you certainly don’t need nearly as much sleep as a new baby, sleep is important, as is the quality of sleep that you get.

If you are having trouble sleeping or waking up still not feeling rested, it is important to examine all of your sleep habits. For instance, one easy change is to eliminate the use of all electronics in the half hour before you go to sleep, as the blue light emitted from phone screens, laptop screen, and TV screens has been found to inhibit restful sleep. It is als Continue Reading

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