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The Best Water Bottles for the Job

Most Americans will see plastic items or surfaces thousands of times in their daily life. Plastic has joined the ranks of wood, glass, metal and rubber as one of the most common construction materials, and while plastic certainly has its uses, it cannot do everything, and it is also a matter of concern for pollution. Plastic is known to melt when exposed to heat, and plastic goods are not as durable or tough as metal, glass, or wood counterparts. Some materials have yet to be replaced with plastic, such as wood or glass windows or certain metal goods. One area where plastic and traditional materials compete is water bottles and other drinking vessels. While plastic water bottles are typical and useful for emergency relief supplies, such as to a hurricane-ravaged area, other bottles may better off as plastic free water bottle varieties. Everyday Americans don’t need to get their hands on emergency-ration plastic bottles, so plastic free water bottles such as a metal thermal water bottle Continue Reading

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You can call us anytime. (203) 285-8692 My name is Alice Jennings. I am a working mother of two young boys, Jim and Joey. My husband travels a lot for work and I handle most of the household "stuff". I created this site to share my ideas for family dinners. At first that's all that it was, but over time I have had requests and questions about other family issues and products. This is very much a work in progress. I plan to let this site grow and continue to help all my readers and contributors.

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