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Resorts and Family Vacation Spots Are Popular During Spring Break

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Your daughters are excited to spend a long weekend together. As you put your 16 year old on the plane to go visit her 20 year old sister in college, you knew that both of your daughters wondered how you and your husband would get along for nearly four days in an empty house. What neither girl knew, however, was that the parents were planning a great weekend themselves. After considering many resorts, you and your husband have booked a hotel for the long weekend while the girls are together.
Resorts are not just for families. In fact, many resort trips are taken by couples who are looking for a way to enjoy themselves and escape the reality of cooking, cleaning, keeping a house, and going to work every day. When some couples or individuals find a place that they really like to visit they sometimes de Continue Reading

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You can call us anytime. (203) 285-8692 My name is Alice Jennings. I am a working mother of two young boys, Jim and Joey. My husband travels a lot for work and I handle most of the household "stuff". I created this site to share my ideas for family dinners. At first that's all that it was, but over time I have had requests and questions about other family issues and products. This is very much a work in progress. I plan to let this site grow and continue to help all my readers and contributors.

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