5 Things to Expect in a Remodeling Consultation

You know that home remodeling is a great way to improve your home’s value, protect your home, and get more personal enjoyment from your investment. You’ve weighed the pros and cons of a new roof versus a roof repair, of getting new siding and residential windows. Now you’ve settled on a remodeling service. What should you expect when you have your consultation with them?

Discuss the Scope of the Consultation Itself

The more detailed the consultation, the more likely there will be a charge for it. A quick phone call or a talk in the office of your remodeling service will likely be free, but if you want them to come to your home and bring 3D models, you should expect a consultation fee. However, paying the fee doesn’t mean you’re agreeing to engage that particularly remodeling service. It means that you’re paying for an extensive evaluation of what’s possible in your remodel. Expect to pay between $200 and $1,000 depending on where you live and what you want in the consult.

Expect a Walk-Through

No good contractor or remodeling company will be willing to do much unless they can see everything in person and talk to you about your options and your thoughts on the matter. They should ask specific questions about what you dream for the space, take measurements, and help you understand exactly what’s possible and not possible.

Expect to See Some Examples of Their Work

You should be able to look at pictures of work they’ve already done, especially work that’s relevant to the space you have and the job you want done. Your remodeling service shouldn’t spend the majority of the time trying to sell you on their service, but they should be able to show you that they do quality work.

Talk About Your Budget

Expect a chat about your budget. Most remodeling services will assume there’s wiggle room in your budget, so be sure to allow for that. But one reason for the consultation will be to discuss the feasibility of your plan and budget and whether the two will really match up. If this seems unnecessary, just consider that there could be dozens of possibilities in front doors replacement options alone: it can make a big difference if your budget is $20,000 or $50,000.

Look at Samples

Even if you don’t make your specific choices in the moment, looking at samples gives you a chance to let the remodeling service understand what your preferences are. If you always turn away from light-colored paints but show an affinity for deep purples and reds, that tells them something important and helps them make more informed decisions about what to show you next.

Your remodeling service is there to make your remodel a success. Make sure you get the most from your consultation by being prepared in advance.

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