Want to Give Back? Start by Looking at the Opportunities That Churches Offer


Our country was founded up on freedom of religion and has always had a strong foundation in religion. This is perhaps best exemplified by the fact that there are almost 175 million Christian adults who live in the United States, despite the reports that claim Christianity and faith is waning. Churches offer many important services, including spiritual work, community outreach, community service, and other forms of aid and support. Children and teenagers can learn how to give back by doing faith-based volunteering — many churches run soup kitchens, food banks, and organize other volunteer opportunities and events that benefit the community they serve. A church is also an excellent place t Continue Reading →

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More Than One Third of American Households Are Renters

Townhomes rent morgantown wv

Moving into her first apartment, the young college graduate wanted to make sure everything was as close to perfect as possible. Although not every piece of furniture was new, far from it in fact, she had selected and accepted her used and donated pieces as carefully as if she were purchasing it new. Her favorite piece was the old television stand that she had refurbished into a brightly painted cooking island for her kitchen. She also loved the set of four mismatched chairs that she found to match the one new purchase, an expanding kitchen table. She would normally use the table without the extra leaves, but when she had extra company for dinner she could sit as many as 10 comfortable.
It did not matter to her that everything was not new and that the kitchen cabinets were a little bit darker t Continue Reading →

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Understanding the Stages of Sleep May Help Athletes Perform Better

King size adjustable beds

It is difficult to over emphasize the importance of sleep. In fact, some coaches and trainers across the country stress rest and proper nutrition nearly as much strength and conditioning. It turns out many athletes hit a plateau in training that they are unable to surpass without the proper diet and sleep patterns. Understanding the basic stages of sleep then can be a step toward both leading a healthier life and achieving more in your chosen sport.
Five Stages of Sleep

  • Stage 1 This is the lightest stage of sleep. Sometimes it si also called the transition stage. In this stage you can actually feel yourself drifting off into sleep. This stage allows your body to relax and drift into a good night’s rest. For the lucky sleepers, this stage only lasts f Continue Reading →
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How Adoption Can Benefit You as the Parent or the Child

Adoption centers in dallas

There are many women and spouses out there who wish for a family, but are unable to conceive a child on their own. These are often people who have dreamt of raising their own families, but have either waited too long or have found that they are unable to conceive on their own. These are also generally people who have exhausted all of their other options, with hormonal replacement therapy and other fertilization procedures that have proven to be unsuccessful. These hopeful parents have landed on the choice of adoption, choosing to adopt a child who is in need to begin their families. There are many benefits involved with adoptions.

Adoption provides a benefit for the adoptive parents, the biological parents and the child that is being adopted. The parents are being provided with a child that th Continue Reading →

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Tough on Bugs, Easy on Your Wallet, and Easy on the Earth Exploring Natural and Organic Pest Control Methods

Pest control

It’s that time of year again! Spring is in the air and so are a bunch of bugs. Unfortunately, that’s one of the down sides of spring. While it brings much needed relief from winter’s cold, dark days, it also brings with it pollen, pests, and bugs — all three of which can have a negative impact on your health and even the structural foundation and integrity of your home! Although pollen and bugs are apart of the natural world and play very important roles respectively, they can become problematic if measures aren’t taken to manage them properly.

This is why regular and routine pest control service for your property is so important! The pest control services that a professional pest control company can provide can help keep disease spreading pests like mosquitoes at bay and can prevent wood-eating pests such Continue Reading →

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Learn All the Benefits of Purple Heart Clothing Donations

purple heart clothing donationDid you know that you can make a difference in someone’s life simply by donating something that you don’t use anymore? In addition to helping someone, you can declutter your home and improve the environment. You can do all this by donating something that you probably throw away without much thought or consideration.

In the United States, 10.5 million tons of clothes end up in landfills each year. On average, individual Americans throw away 70 pounds of clothes, linens, and other textiles each year. Many do not realize these items can be recycled. Additionally, many do not realize all the benefits of buying clothes from resale stores. For example, there are resale shops run by non-profits for veteran groups that allow you to make purple heart clothing donations. You can check your area to schedule a purple heart donation pick up if that is something that appeals to you.

There are numerous resale stores owned and run by non-profits. This means that the money made from clothing purchases goes to help others. Additionally, donating used clothes to non-profit resale shops fills their stores and enables them to make money from the sales. For example, purple heart clothing donations will provide inventory for purple heart resale stores, and the profit from store sales goes to the non-profit running the store.

In 2006 alone, over 2.5 billion pounds of fabric were donated to resale shops and kept out of landfills. Despite this impressive amount, the average American only donates approximating 25% of their used clothes. The majority of used clothes and other textiles are still going to landfills.

Donating your used clothes can support a non-profit and reduce landfill waste, which effectively reduces your carbon footprint. However, there are still more benefits to donating your used clothes. When donating to a non-profit that is granted tax-exempt status under section 501© of the Internal Revenue Code, you’ll be able to use your donation as a tax deduction.

According to IRS rules, you need to have a qualified appraisal of any single item if you are deducting more than $500. Otherwise, you can simply have a tax write off form/receipt from the charity to provide with your taxes when filing. If you have questions regarding charitable tax deductions, you can consult a certified accountant before filing your taxes.

So, how do you get started? Decluttering your closet is the first but often hardest step when you decide to donate your used clothes to charity. You can start by pulling out all the clothes that do not fit you. Then move on to any items that you have not worn in over six months. Depending on where you live you may have seasonal clothes that you haven’t worn in six months. However, if you go through an entire season and have seasonal clothes that you do not wear, you can likely get rid of them.

Finally, go through your remaining clothes and pull out anything you simply don’t love. It could be something that is in good condition and fits you fine, but you just don’t like wearing it for one reason or another.

Encourage your family members to go through their clothes as well. Getting rid of clothes you n longer need or don’t wear can create a huge sense of relief because it will reduce clutter and clear up space in your closet and dresser. You won’t have to look as long for the items you do love to wear, and you won’t have to worry about finding space for new clothes.

Purple heart clothing donations or clothing donations to any non-profit resale store will reduce waste and clutter, reduce your carbon footprint, benefit you financially when filing your taxes and help a worthy cause. There is really no reason not to donate your used clothes. In addition to allowing you to schedule a pickup, purple heart clothing donations can be made at a number of drop-off locations.

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Here are 3 of the Most Fantastic Places in the Country to Find a Luxury Ranch for Sale

Cattle properties for sale

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, you’ve likely dreamed about owning your own beautiful piece of land. There is truly nothing more fulfilling than relaxing on the patio while you watch your cattle graze across the open plains. Unfortunately, if you live in a cold weather state, this dream scenario may seem unattainable.

However, if you’re looking to start a new career and invest in something special, you can find a fantastic luxury ranch for sale in many lucrative Western states. There are ranch auctions on a regular basis in which you can browse properties in different states until you finally find the one luxury ranch for sale that suits your unique desires.

Furthermore, these ranches are not available in just a couple of states. From California to Georgia, you can find the ideal ra Continue Reading →

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3 General Trends That Can Work for Your Custom Home Plans

Custom home builders in south carolina

If you?ve decided to build a new home, you?ve likely felt inundated by helpful suggestions from friends and family. Everyone has their own idea of what perfect custom home plans should look like. In reality, though, there?s no ?right? or ?wrong? way to plan a house — however, this can leave you feel confused as to what your future home should look like.

2016 has been an interesting year so far for custom home builders. We?ve seen an increase in requests for green building, which isn?t too surprising considering that consumers are increasingly interested in purchasing environmentally products. As the Baby Boomer generation continues to age, there?s also been interest in purchasing multi-generational h Continue Reading →

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Where Do Your Donated Clothes Go?

Green charities

In our hectic, crazy world, there are many things that demand attention from activists and good Samaritans. From the degradation of the environment, to poverty, to a lack of access to education and health care. Indeed, the problems are endless, and it can seem like there is no way to reach out and help, to make any sort of real difference.

But the truth is that you can! Simply by living more mindfully, and making deliberate choices about your consumption, you can improve the world around you for yourself and others.

One way to do this is to donate your clothes. Americans send 10.5 million tons of clothes to landfills every year. When you consider that most of them are still wearable or at least could be repurposed, it is clear that it is a huge waste, twice over.

Consider the different types Continue Reading →

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Buy Great Amish Garages and Sheds with These Tips

Where to buy amish furniture

Amish wood furniture is very popular. People will travel from all over the country to see and but authentic Amish goods. They are well known for their quality. Amish garages and sheds are also in high demand because people know these products last a long time.

Tips for Buying Amish Furniture, Garages and Sheds:

Decide what kind of wood you would like it to be made out of.Most Amish furniture is crafted using maple, walnut, hickory, oak and cherry. When you are considering the different types of wood, you need to decide if you want your furniture to have a stain on it. You should look at a few samples because different kinds of stain look very different on the various kinds Continue Reading →

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