Moving Into Your 2nd Apartment? It’s Time to Live Like an Adult


Your first apartment, whether it be townhomes through student housing in college or just a small apartment downtown, was probably a disaster. You never cleaned anything, you didn’t even own a dish to wash, you thought that nasty smell was just the way the world smelled, and you slept on a little pullout couch that was also part desk, part TV stand, and part bathroom for those wild nights.

It’s almost a right of passage to live in a Motley Crue-style apartment for your first time out of the house. Your second apartment, however, and the rest of the apartments and homes you’ll live in from here on out, should be totally different.

Here are some things to keep in mind when moving from your first apartment disaster to your new adult Continue Reading →

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Are We Stuck With Plastic Waterproof Sheets Forever?

Fitted double sheet

About 78% of adults admit they prefer fresh sheets on their beds, to the point that that good clean smell helps them have a more comfortable night’s sleep. This simple pleasure depends entirely on one’s attitude about laundry. Stripping the bed and stuffing the sheets into the washer certainly does not sound as though it is a lot of work. Yet many adults do not wash their bedsheets more than once a week, if even that often as sheets are rarely seen as dirty. But a kids pillowcase is a different story.

If you have kids, it quickly becomes apparent that fluids of all types can and will end up on their bedsheets. Children are sent to bed and all sorts of things happen: they cry; their noses get snotty or randomly bleed; they get sick and spit up everywhere; or they might just spill their nightly cup of w Continue Reading →

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Remodeling The Simple Facts

Kitchen remodeling contractors

Remodeling your house is a major undertaking. Yet at the same time, each year thousands of homeowners make the call to professional remodeling services. Why is this? There are many reasons why people decide to remodel their homes. For one thing, many homeowners bought their homes with the idea of remodeling already in mind. This could be because they want to “flip” a house; this is the practice of buying a home with the plan of renovating it and selling it for a profit. Other homeowners buy “fixer upper” houses with the idea of simply remodeling it for their own enjoyment. Many homeowners simply become tired of the appearance or performance of their home, and wish to remodel for themselves. Sometimes, remodeli Continue Reading →

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Don’t Buy New Find a Used Golf Cart Dealer!

Ez go golf carts dealers

Whether you’re an avid golfer or simply a person who likes to get around in style, investing in a golf cart should be at the top of your bucket list. Consider the benefits: They can reach speeds of up to 15 to 25 miles per hour, they can carry anywhere from two to ten passengers, and a golf cart that runs on batteries can last for two or three days between charges!

But when you’re looking through golf cart dealers, remember that you don’t necessarily have to buy a brand new one. Used golf carts often only carry minimal wear and tear and can be just as functional for getting around the office campus, the retirement community, the course — wherever you plan on using it.

Here are the most important things to keep in Continue Reading →

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3 Ways Parents Can Deal With the Terrible Twos

Healthy food for picky toddlers

For many, having a newborn is at first sheer bliss and a delight. But once a child turns the dreaded 24 months, the terrible twos kick in and all hell breaks loose. Ask any parent and they’ll tell you that toddlers are extremely difficult to handle during this phase. More often than not, terrible twos behavior results in toddler screaming tantrums, and fussy eaters toddlers galore.

So how do you deal with this super rocky period in your child’s life without pulling out all of your beautiful, precious strands of hair? Here are a few tips that will help make dealing with the terrible twos a little bit more manageable for both you and your child:

Set Boundaries
Toddlers need to understand that there are cl Continue Reading →

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Adult Communities Help Families Remain Close

Independent living va

A generation ago people spoke in hushed whispers of having to send their parents or grandparents to retirement homes. Often these were little more than hospital environments that took only elderly patients. This mental image keeps many people from exploring the many benefits of modern day adult communities. While it is certainly true that one of the main benefits of moving to modern retirement facilities is on site healthcare, it is far from the only benefit. Indeed, according to many residents it is not even the benefit for which they are most grateful.

Independence is Important for Overall Happiness

Continue Reading →

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Three Things To Consider When Buying Furniture

Furniture stores in sparks

There’s a reason why so many people spend a lot of time on picking out their furniture. For one thing, furniture tends to be a part of your decor — that is to say, furniture is a way of expressing your personal style and taste. Nobody wants to have furniture that they don’t like to look at; at the same time, furniture isn’t always cheap. In fact, after a house and car, furniture is usually the third most expensive thing people will buy. While you want to buy furniture for less, you don’t want to sacrifice quality. After all, your furniture should last for a decent amount of time — with sofas expected to last for an average of 15 years. It should also, as previously mentioned, express your ideas. But unlike most expressions of personality and taste, furniture also serves a practical purpose. Your Continue Reading →

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Student Apartments What They Can Offer To You

Apartment in reno

On average, Americans move about 12 times throughout their lives. Some of us begin moving around the country when we’re children, often due to our parents’ jobs. But for others, the first move takes place when we enroll in a university. Most college students don’t want to live at home while studying. College is your first taste of freedom and responsibility; and furthermore, students don’t want to be limited to the schools within commuting distance from their parents’ homes. With many students also choosing to continue their education beyond a four-year degree, it’s become increasingly vital that they have housing within driving or even walking distance of their university’s campus. While many universities provide on campus housing that is available for undergraduate students, many students pursing ma Continue Reading →

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Switch Up Your Bedtime Routine for Something Unusual and Exciting

Mens footed pajamas

It has been estimated that about 74% of people in the United States wear pajamas to bed, another 8% of them sleep in the nude, and the rest of them claim to wear something else. What that something else is could be hard to determine, but fun to speculate. One thing is for sure, however, and that is that life is too short to care what anyone else thinks of you. So if you want to wear something else for your night’s slumber, whether it is lingerie, a Halloween costume, or plus size onesies for adults, more power to you.

How plus size onesies for adults can be a significant addition to your life
Of course, you should feel free to wear any sort of adult pajamas that you feel comfortable in. But doesn’t the thought of settling in for the night in Continue Reading →

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Why Are Vacations So Good For Your Health?

Vacation rentals

How important is your vacation to you? Many would put it pretty high on their list, as Americans are one of the busiest and most overworked people on the planet. Time off is not simply relaxation — it’s a way to recharge your creative batteries and spend time with those that matter most to you. Not everyone gets their chill on the same way, though, which is what leads to the popularity of Outer Banks vacation rentals. These have risen in appreciation for their variety in both prices and locations, giving people of all shapes and sizes the prime option for spending their leisure time in the most meaningful way possible.

Did You Know?

Here are some quick facts to start you off. Did you know that one in four Americans get no paid time off, according to recent surveys conduct Continue Reading →

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