Should You Sell on Your Own or Go With an Agent?

Houses for sale by owner alaska

When you are looking into selling your house, you have a couple of choices on how to do that. You can try to do a for sale by owner, where you act as your own real estate agent. Or, you can go the more traditional route and hire a real estate agent. There are pros and cons to each method, and you should consider and weigh them before making a decision.

The biggest advantage to going the for sale by owner route is saving money. The standard real estate commission for a sale is 6 to 7%, depending on where you live. That commission usually is split between the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent, but the home seller pays the whole amount. Even on a modest $200,000 home, that can add up to $12,000-$14,000 right off the top of the potential profit. By selling a house on your own, you can add s Continue Reading →

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Why It Is Essential To Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Carpet stain removal

When was the last time you cleaned your carpet or had it professionally cleaned? Let?s be honest. It has probably been a while since you really invested time, effort and money into making sure your carpet is clean. From pet stains, to dirt stains, to potential water damage, carpet can get dirty quickly. When it becomes unclean, carpet can actually carry viruses and cause health issues for those living in the home. That?s one of the main reasons why it is so important to regularly use carpet stain removal and hire professional carpet cleaners to take care of your home?s carpet.

Interested in learning more about the effects of dirty carpet on your home and those living in it? Keep reading to find out just what type of viruses your carpet can hold when you don?t regularly use carpet stain removal an Continue Reading →

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Top 3 Most Common Mistakes Made by Home Buyers

Moving into a new home

When it’s time to buy a house, the entire process can be both extraordinarily exciting and excruciatingly overwhelming. From all the facts and figures about each potential home, to the confounding process of getting a loan, buying a house can be a daunting task. Yet, many people are able to navigate this maze of a process and come out happy and smiling on the other side.

In fact, about half of home buyers felt that finding the right property was the most difficult part when they wanted to buy a house. By finding the right lender and finding the right real estate agent, many buyers feel more confident throughout the process. More than two third of buyers tend to find that their real estate agents were a huge source of helpful information.

That said, many new buyers easily fall into mistakes Continue Reading →

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Custom Built Homes For the Growing Family

Housing development

Are you considering buying a new home to better suit your growing family? Many families make the decision to upgrade after finding out they are pregnant. The baby will require their own room, movement space throughout the home, and a big backyard to play in. If you in the market for a new home because of your growing family, keep the following real estate tips in mind.

Estimate your future family needs
It would be impossible to sell and purchase a new home every time a new baby comes. Instead, it can be helpful to estimate your future family needs Although this is not always guaranteed, it can give you a better idea of the size of family you are expecting. If you desire a large family, consider buying a larger house with more bedrooms. If this will be your only child, you Continue Reading →

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Buying a Home in a Seller’s Market


The real estate market is currently extremely competitive. There are more buyers than sellers on the market, making it a sellers? market. This means that sellers have more room to set a price and to hold out for a full offer price. It also means that buyers may have more difficulty finding a house at a reduced price. If you are a buyer, you will want to keep the following realtor find a home tips in mind to ensure that you do not lose out on the house of your dreams because of the current seller?s market.

Keep up to date on homes in the area

While using a real estate agent is extremely helpful in finding a home in a timely manner, it is also important to keep up with the market on your own. Your agent will offer to send you new houses as they hit the market. It is your responsibility to go throug Continue Reading →

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What Are Your Decision Points for Buying a House?

Los gatos real estate company

Buying or selling a home can be one of the most important and difficult things you do in your life. Finding the right home, with the right combination of indoor and outdoor space, location, and other features can be challenging. Real estate agents try and make it easier for you with online listings that give you all the relevant information, and even video tours of the houses. But even better, they can give you helpful advice on some of the most important choices you have to make.

A new generation of home buyers
As the millennials reach home buying age, changing tastes begin to manifest themselves in the real estate market. Accordi Continue Reading →

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Why Urgent Care Facilities Are The Clinic Model Of The Future

Treats injury and illness

Do you need access to convenient medical treatment and care on short notice? Whether you need pediatric urgent care, effective treatment or have questions about what to do about headaches or what to do about shortness of breath, it can be frustrating having to make an appointment or having to wait for a long time in a hospital emergency room. Next time you are seeking convenient medical treatment, don?t bother with appointments and long waits. Instead, consider heading to a location that is both an urgent care and an emergency room.

What type of walk in clinic funct Continue Reading →

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Learn How to Donate Clothes to the Red Cross

Used clothing donations

It’s wise to cut back on the amount of trash we produce. One study by the EPA found that each adult in the United States tosses out nearly 10 pounds of clothes per year. These clothes end up contributing to already crowded public landfills. In this post, you will learn how to donate clothes to the Red Cross.

You likely know the Red Cross is an organization where you can donate blood. It’s important to know that the Red Cross also accepts clothing donations. The Red Cross provides relief for those in need for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The first thing to keep in mind when donating is the condition of your clothes. The Red Cross will prefer items in a gently used state, if possible. Brand new items are great to donate. However, it’s understandab Continue Reading →

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Learn the Joys and Benefits of Retirement Communities

Assisted living information

A recent study showed that almost 60% of all assisted living residents visited at least two retirement communities before choosing the one where they lived. The same study showed that reputation was the most important quality they were looking for in a retirement center.

Another recent study showed that nearly ninety percent of seniors living in retirement communities rated their overall satisfaction as excellent. There are currently in the ballpark of one million seniors living in senior communities.

Years ago, nursing homes where the only options for seniors no longer able or interested in living on their own. This created a dilemma since many of them were no Continue Reading →

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How to Sell Your Home Faster With a New Roof

Metal roofs appleton

Selling your home requires a lot of planning and preparation. Not only do you have to find the right real estate professional to list the house, but you also have to get the house itself ready for a sale. You will have numerous people viewing your house. They will be looking for advantages and disadvantages of the house, both which will affect their offer price. One of the most viewed parts of the house will be the roof. It can be beneficial to a real estate sale to replace the roof before listing the house, for the following reasons.

Higher offer price from buyers
A new roof tells buyers that they will not have to replace it for many years. This usually results in a higher price from the buyers. Metal roofs are a great option because they last for a long period of time. Continue Reading →

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