Don’t Let Your Holiday Decorations Take Up So Much Room in the Off-Season

Storage units

As we come upon the holiday season, it will soon be time to take out all those boxes, and bags, and crates full of holiday decorations. As soon as Thanksgiving is over, the decorations are unpacked with care, and strung from one end of the house, to the other. And for weeks, the house is festive and fun, thanks to garlands and lights and tinsel. But the question is, what happens to all that garland and lights and tinsel when the holidays are over?

If your answer is something along the lines of, “Never, I’m keeping them up forever,” then that shows an admirable amount of holiday enthusiasm. But for everyone else, those decorations are going to have the go back in their boxes eventually. And whether the boxes get piled up in the basement, or the attic, or the garage, they take up an incredible amount of room Continue Reading →

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Assisted Living for Seniors The Facts You Need to Know

Independent senior living costs

There’s a reason why approximately 900,000 of senior citizens today live in senior living communities that offer assisted living services. These communities offer a great number of advantages over owning a home, and can make anyone’s retirement years some of the best they’ve ever had.

But how do you know if one of these senior living communities will be the right environment for you throughout your retirement years?

Here are three of the best reasons why you would benefit from spending your retirement in an independent living program or community that offers assisted living services:

Privacy and independence

Today’s assisted senior living facilities are more like apartment co Continue Reading →

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Renting

Apartment hunters

Moving always involves planning and logistics. Most concerns come up after the new apartment lease is signed. But here are some questions you should ask to make apartment plans before you start apartment hunting:

  1. How Much Can You Spend on Rent?
    Sit down with your budget and figure out what you’re willing to spend on rent for your new apartment. By setting this number first — and then sticking to it — you lessen the likelihood of going to a luxury apartment showcase, falling in love, and then either being disappointed when you have to let it go or feeling the squeeze of living beyond your means. Most cities have plenty of comfortable and affordable apartments, and you’ll be much happier in the long run if you only look within your chosen range.
  2. What’s Continue Reading →
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Donations of Clothing The Green Way to Help Others

Charity clothing donations

Have you ever donated to charity before? Current research estimates that around 70% of Americans give charitable donations at least once per year. But imagine if we all did our part to help others. Not only could donating help other people, but it also has the potential to improve the environment by reducing land pollution.

Which types of donations can help the planet the most? The answer is almost incredibly simple: donations of clothing. It may seem odd to think that the unused items in your closet can reduce pollution, but it’s true. In the United States, we produce around 11 billion tons of trash each year — or 30% of the world’s waste overall. An estimated 12 to 13 Continue Reading →

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Five TV Remotes You Didn’t Know Existed

Tv remote replacement

Did you know that the very first TV remote controls were invented in the year 1950? This remote, know as the “Lazy Bones,” was attached to the television set with a cord and was able to operate TV functions through a set of buttons. While these TV remote controls were groundbreaking for the time, people today would scoff at a such a contraption. TV remote controls, DVD remote controls and virtually all other remote controls are now wireless and easily programmable. Many different types of remotes are available today to suit a wide variety of interests. Take the following TV remote controls, for example, which may sound bizarre, but do in fact exist:

  1. The Pillow Remote – This remote does more than just change channels — it doubles as a couch pillow! The pillow remote is a fu Continue Reading →
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Stop Living in Filth

Carpet cleaning companies chattanooga

Did you know that 62% of all the carpeting in the world is used for flooring purposes? Although carpet is extraordinarily common to use for flooring, this material is known to easily collect dirt, dust, soil, and animal dander. As a result, you must thoroughly clean your carpet regularly to help prevent the buildup of these contaminants.

How to Thoroughly Clean Your Carpet

In addition to frequently vacuuming your carpet, you must also get it professionally cleaned once every 12-18 months. This is because when you hire carpet cleaners, your floor will be cleaned both on the surface and deep down. In fact, professional carpet cleaning services r Continue Reading →

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Charity Clothing Donation Pickups Why You Should Consider Participating in One

Donate clothes

Did you know that between 12 and 13 million tons of clothing and textiles are thrown out in the United States each year? Here in the U.S., we buy some of the largest amounts of clothing on the planet, and yet we also throw away a lot of what we’re no longer using. However, there is a way to curb this issue: by giving gently used clothing donations to charity organizations.

There are several charities that accept clothing donations, and there are also plenty of ways to give. The Purple Heart charity pick ups, for instance, may go toward helping mi Continue Reading →

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Caring for Those Who Cared For Our Country

What is a purple heart in the military

Undoubtedly, veterans and military families face different challenges than those faced by civilians. Between frequent moves, long deployments, and assimilating back into civilian life upon their return home, veterans and their families often struggle to achieve a sense of balance and normalcy. Additionally, the financial aspect of these challenges can make matters worse.

However, Americans are passionate about showing their appreciation and support for military families and veterans, especially for the sacrifices they have made in order to serve and protect our country. There are a variety of local, regional, and national charities focused on not only supporting our troops, but also making it easier and more convenient for Americans to make charitable donations.

Clothing donat Continue Reading →

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3 Tips for Buying a New Bed

Furniture buying tips

Advice for selecting the proper mattress abounds. But what about the bed itself? Furniture has been around since the beginning of non-nomadic culture, and while the first beds were only piles of straw, elaborate beds have been used for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians, for example, slept on high couches accessed via steps, and accented with decorative pillows and curtains.

Whether you prefer something simple or something impressive, here are some tips on how to choose a new bed that will stand the test of time:

Consider Styles In Person

There are many different styles of beds, and it can be difficult to envision how each would look in your space from online pictures alone. Visit bedroom Continue Reading →

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Find the Best Venue Possible for Your Wedding

Cheap banquet halls

Are you brainstorming corporate event planning ideas and you need the ideal classy venue? Perhaps you and your fiancee are scouring area for the best and most beautiful wedding places. In either case, you may find that settings that are conducive as both special event venues and dazzling wedding ballrooms are the most appropriate.

Similarly, banquet hall rentals can make for attractive options. But what specific characteristics make these kinds of venues especially worthwhile? For one, they are typically designed to accommodate a large number of people, which can be one of the foremost concerns when planning a wedding reception. The hall itself must also have the p Continue Reading →

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