How Busy Homeowners Can Benefit From Professional Landscaping

Purchase fertilizer

While they may seem like a relatively minor segment of the United States economy, landscaping services are an important force in many communities. Studies show that the U.S. landscaping industry employs as many as 888,426 people and generates $74 billion in revenue every year. Moreover, the business is continuing to expand: from 2009 to 2014, statistics show the U.S. landscaping industry grew an estimated 4.0% annually. However, if you are the type who prefers to budget and finish as many home projects as possible on your own, you may dismiss professional landscaping as a nonessential service. After all, why should you pay someone to plant shrubs and treesContinue Reading →

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Why Heat Treatment Really Works for Bed Bugs

Thermal bed bug treatment

Have you had a bed bug infestation in your apartment complex, in a hotel room, or even in your home? One out of five Americans has experienced these invasive, biting critters — or they at least know of someone who has encountered them.

Dying Methods: Today’s bed bug populations are highly resistant to pesticides used for their demise all thanks to natural selection and adaptation strategies. Bed bugs can withstand a wide range of temperatures from nearly freezing to 122 degrees.

These highly resilient bugs should no longer be treated with chemicals because they will just come back within four to six weeks. Chemicals treatments are a dying method, as are other common household, DIY treatments.

You’re going to want bed bug heat treatment instead to get the job done.
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Non-Toxic Ways to Kill Bed Bugs

Professional bed bug treatment

No one likes bed bugs, especially those who own hotels, movie theaters, or are responsible for managing any apartment complex. Bed bugs can lay anywhere from one to give eggs in a single day — that’s 500 in a single lifetime!

As pesky as these little critters are, it just seems wrong to kill them with chemical devices. Often times, the chemicals may not even be very effective. Modern bed bug populations are very resistant to the chemicals currently used for their demise, so it is best to search for alternative solutions: non-toxic bed bug treatment.

What is non-toxic bed bug treatment? Also known as organic bed b Continue Reading →

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How an Amish Built Garage Can Curb Your Winter Woes

Amish shed builders

If you live anywhere it snows, you know how miserable it can be to have to park your car in a driveway (or worse — the street). Every morning you come out to what seems to be six more inches of snow blanketing your car and the area just behind it. You have to brush snow from above the door so it doesn’t go all over the seat when you open it. You start the car and put the defrost and heat on their highest settings in hopes of melting the ice so you don’t have to use your ice scraper. You spend fifteen minutes pushing snow off of the top, sides, windows, lights, and license plates. Your hands are stiff. Your slacks are wet to the knee. And you know that you have to shovel some of that snow from behind your car or you’ll never get out of the driveway again.

This is the plight of the northeasterner most Continue Reading →

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How a Beautiful, Landscaped Property Can Help Sell Your Home

Landscape designer

As many as four out of five surveyed Americans report that they keep their homes landscaped or maintained at all times. This habit, while surely time-consuming for some, can have a number of benefits for the homeowner and the property: by investing in landscaping services, residents can utilize as much of their land as possible for entertaining, gardening, and living. Moreover, professional landscape services can even help your property gain value. How? Read on to find out!

From 2009 to 2014, the United States landscaping industry grew an estimated 4.0% every year. Currently, the industry generates an estimated $74 billion in revenue annually from a total of 401, 473 companies. These businesses offer a variety of services, from prof Continue Reading →

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Making the Case for New Custom Homes

New homes at oakdale valley

Buying a home is an exciting process and huge step in any persons life. A home is a place where one goes to be at peace and comfort after the hustle and bustle of the every day. It is important when shopping for a new home to consider how well you think you’ll fit in, as purchasing a new home is a major commitment that will affect your attitude, lifestyle, and overall outlook on life.

Often times older houses can become major investments that require a lot of extra time, labor, and money after purchasing. While some enjoy the process of cultivating and improving their home over time, many also enjoy the comforts of newer, more efficient homes that require less immediately after purchase. That’s why custom luxury homes are the perfect option for a first time buyer that wishes to settle right in t Continue Reading →

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How Your Donations for Veterans Can Help Military Members and Their Families

Wounded veterans charities

It’s an unfortunate fact that many of our nation’s veterans face challenges, especially those related to economics and finances. Many veterans return home from active duty and have difficulties finding work. Some may have been wounded, and integrating back into civilian life can be tough. However, there are many charities that focus on helping military families and helping disabled veterans in order to provide them with the tools they need once they come back to the homefront. Donations for veterans, especially clothing donations, are vital to serving this populations.

Why are donations for veterans so important? Here are some of the items Continue Reading →

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When to Ask When Buying an Old Home

Iowa realtors

There were well over 2,800 active real estate listings in Iowa as of April 2014, and many of them were old homes for sale. Old houses are often sought out by a particular buyer group because they love the charm and character they have.

Why buying old homes for sale is a great investment: If you’ve done a real estate search or two, you probably know that old houses generally cost less than new homes for sale. The median Iowa home price in April 2014 was $127,000, but old houses will most likely cost under this median. You will be able to get more house for less cost by purchasing an older home

< Continue Reading →

How to Find Affordable and Effective Long-Term Elderly Care

Cost of assisted living

At least 70% of people over the age of 65 will need long-term care services and support at some point in their lifetimes. However, many senior living options seem to place undesirable restrictions on the lives of their residents: they require people to renounce a great deal of their independence, they require their patients to move from location to location as their conditions change, and they are often under-staffed. For this reason, the supply of nursing homes declined nationally between 2001 and 2008. However, roughly one million Americans currently live a senior living community Continue Reading →

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Planning the Perfect Wedding Cause You Deserve it!

Party hall rental

It’s that time of the year again – A time for beautiful weather and true love and everything that comes with it. And what better supplement to true love and warm summer breezes is there than weddings! Yup, it is prime wedding season right now, and all the love in the air is complemented by a plethora of wedding planning stresses.

With a hefty sum of brides taking almost a year to plan their weddings, there is a lot of time pre-wedding to come up with ideas to make your wedding the best you could have hoped for. Whether or not you’re tying the knot soon, you may want to hear about some tips for planning the best wedding you could imagine!

1. Plan a Theme!
About a quarter of couples plan their weddings around a theme. This is a cute and actually pretty effective way to make your wedding visually flow toget Continue Reading →

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