3 Photo Services to Invest in This Year

Slide to digital conversion service

Our photos capture something that nothing else can. While we have the images in our memory, or we write them down, photography captures moments and people as they were at that time. There’s something magical about being able to see things as they were, completely unchanged. It’s probably one of the reasons that since the invention of the photograph 186 years ago, more than 3.5 trillion pictures have been taken. Yet, a survey of 250 parents revealed that 52% hadn’t done anything with their photos and videos to preserve them. Not only that, but 44% reported that they already have trouble locating some photos and videos. Check out what services you should be investing in to preserve your photos.

Image Scanning Services

Many photo companies offer image scanning services. These services are designed to take old photographs you have lying around and scan them into a computer. From there, you have a multitude of options for what you want to do with them. Many choose to have them saved the way they are when scanned, while others may choose to have them enhanced or otherwise restored. This is the first step in many other photo processes.

Old Photo Restoration

Old photo restoration can be used when you find old photos of ancestors that have been damaged. Professionals can do fade restoration, as well as attempt to fix the damage done from creasing and folding. This way, you can have the pictures of your family members back in their best possible shape before passing them to future generations.

Digitized Photo Service

Digitalized photo services can help you upload and organize your photos, making them easier to access and find. Sort by family member, year, event, all three, or a combination of those tags. You’ll never lose another photo.

Will you be considering any of these photo services? Have you already invested in them? What was your experience like? Helpful info also found here.

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