3 Reasons to Give Back This Season

Children in need clothing

As we move closer through the holiday season, it seems as though many realize they should be helping out more in their own communities. In this time of festivities and family time, many take note that they should also be helping families in need. This is a time that many are reflected on their health and happiness and simply want to spread that to those who may not have as much of it. Of course, you can help at any time of year, but take note of a few reasons you should consider helping this season:

Give Back to Your Community

Charitable donations come in many forms, from clothing donations to money to time, and anything you can give will help your community. Even if all you have is an hour of free time to help out at a soup kitchen or shelter, you are benefitting your community. Think of all of the great times your city or town has provided to you, simply by being that town or city. Giving back to the community that has given you the opportunity for those great times is powerful.

Feel Good

By helping families in need, you will likely feel good and more thankful moving through the holidays. So many people go through the entire holiday season with materialistic goals, and they don’t care that there are people out there who could use help. By providing help, you can feel better about your own holiday cheer. Especially since some people are in need through no fault of their own; 13 million Americans had their identity stolen within one year, and that is tough to come back from.

Set a Precedent

Giving back can also set a precedent for your own family and friends, encouraging them to go out and donate as well. Many people waste perfectly good items without even pausing to think about whether or not they can be donated. In one year, Americans threw away tons upon tons of clothes, 90% of which could have been donated. About 80% of donated clothing in the U.S. goes to helping those in need and for funding.

Will you be giving your time or a donation this year? Are you doing it for any of these reasons? Did we miss any major reasons?

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