3 Reasons Why You Need Organic Cotton Towels in Your Life Right Now

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The organic food movement rose to popularity during the early to mid-2000s, when at that time, it was laughed off as a fleeting trend or a strategic marketing ploy. Consumers simply didn’t see the benefit of organic food. But look who’s laughing now? To say the organic food movement is booming would be a gross understatement. Once confined to speciality food stores, organic food items are now readily available throughout the nation’s supermarkets.

And now that the organic food movement has gone mainstream, it’s popularity has bled into several markets, and understandably so. In addition to organic food, organic beauty, body, and even household cleaning products are commonplace, if not preferred. Several mainstream brands have responded to consumer demanding by creating goods using natural and organic products in an effort to remain relevant and “hip”.

Today’s consumers are more informed and eco-savvy than ever before, and it comes as no surprise that it’s influence has given rise to good such as organic cotton towels, organic bedding sets, and even organic clothing. But is all this really necessary? The answer is a big, fat, non-GMO, yes. Organic cotton towels are good for both consumers and the planet for all the same reasons organic food is. Here’s why:

They’re so much better for you

In order to fully understand the benefits of organic cotton towels, you have to go all the way back to the ways in cotton crops are grown. Traditional cotton is laden with the toxic residue of harsh chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides which can try adverse reactions in those with sensitive skin or immune disorders. This is especially true for babies or young children, who have developing immune systems.

Because the cotton used to make organic towels is grown without artificial or chemical substances, it is much gentler and safer for the skin. It’s important to remember that human skin is porous and absorbs a great deal of what it comes into contact with, including any chemical residue left on fabric. Using organic towels in combination with eating organic foods can help to support an overall healthier lifestyle.

They’re a lot better for the environment

The toxic chemical fertilizers and pesticides used to produce high yielding cotton crops can damage and deplete the very soil used to grow it. Furthermore, these harmful chemicals can produce a substance known as agricultural runoff, which can seep deeper into the soil and contaminate public water supplies and disrupt natural ecosystems. Organic cotton is much safer for the environment and all of its inhabitants. Furthermore, organic cotton doesn’t deplete the soil as much as a traditional crop would.

They’re higher in quality

Organic towels sound super fancy, and may even seem like a “waste” of money. But in reality, organic towels are far more economical and practical than their traditional counterparts. Regular cotton towels will quickly lose their quality over time, especially after frequent washing. Part of this is because of the ways in which traditional cotton is harvested, chemically treated, and woven. On the other hand, organic towels are woven from organic cotton that hasn’t been bleached or chemically treated, making them much more durable and resistant to thinning or fading.

Overall, organic towels are softer, stronger, and better for you. And perhaps most importantly, they’re much better for the environment. After all, you can’t focus on your own health without also understanding how its affected by the health of environment. Choosing organic goods, such as organic towels, is an important step towards creating a healthier world.

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