3 Simple Ways You Can Create Serious Beachside Vibes Indoors With Nautical Clocks

Copper diving helmet

Are you struggling to find home decor inspiration and looking online is only making you feel like a rookie? The highly manicured and perfectly polished looks found on home decorating sites and social media accounts can make even the most experience interior decorator question their own abilities and turn green with envy. While finding inspiration online is a great idea, it’s important to remember not to get lost in all the hype. Don’t lose yourself and your own personal swag chasing a trend that will soon be out of season! Authenticity is timeless, and being yourself will always be in.

For example, beach bums and lake lovers can reinvent nautical home decor in a number of new and exciting ways by incorporating a personal touch. Nautical decorations mixed with custom pieces and sprinkle of self expression can transform any space into a nautical never never land. Nautical theme decor doesn’t have to be land locked! Even homes and businesses inland can use classic nautical items such as nautical clocks, nautical wheels, and life preserver decor to invoke a sense of life on the water.

Not sure now to recreate a fresh nautical in your space? Try these simple tips for brining the beach inside!

Time is of the essence

Using bold, iconic, and distinct nautical decor such as nautical clocks, life preservers, and sea shells are a great way to enjoy life on the water on perfectly dry land. Even if the rest of the space isn’t adorned in nautical items and imagery, you can create a seaside vibe by incorporating a few centerpieces such as nautical clocks. In terms of trendiness, time stands still on nautical clocks and other classic nautical pieces. They’ll never go out of style!

Start small

You don’t have to do a complete over haul of your space in order to enjoy a cohesive nautical look! A few key items, such as nautical clocks, paired with the right color scheme can work wonders in terms of recreating a nautical look. Why not reupholster those antique chairs with navy and white canvas for oceanside seating indoors?

Keep it fresh

Nautical themes are great for recreating both beach and lakeside looks, so don’t forget about your favorite freshwater spots! Drawing inspiration from lakeside locales can help you recreate the look more accurately indoors. Spending time in nature, especially in areas that inspire you, can help to drive your creativity. You might also be able to score some driftwood for a unique center piece!

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