How to Properly Stage Your Home

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Realtors know that a properly staged home can make their jobs much easier. However, an increasing amount of homeowners is not taking the proper steps to stage their home. Many fear that it will take too much time or prove to be too costly. However, a properly staged home could sell very quickly and provide you with much more money than you’ve spent. In this post, we will discuss simple ways that you can stage your home to make a sold home a reality.

  1. Remove Clutter ? Staging your home is a perfect time to remove clutter from those less than manageable areas of your home. In addition, taking the time to remove clutter from your home can make you feel much more at ease. Selling a home can be a stressful time for any homeowner. Taking the time to lose the clutter can have you feeling much less stressed. Potential buyers will love walking through a space that they feel free in. Taking clutter out of your home can make it feel much larger, another perk for anyone walking through your open house.
  2. Deep Clean High Traffic Areas ? Surfaces that are heavily walked on in your home may need more of a deep cleaning. Consider renting a carpet shampooer or wood cleaning equipment for your floors. It will take a little bit more time but to have floors that look like new is what buyers are looking for. Having flooring that is littered with stains is only going to end up making a buyer think about the costs to fix the floors. Recent research shows that, in 2015, a little over 500,000 homes were sold in the United States. Taking time to ensure that your floors are nice and neat could mean your home is one of the 500,000 that will sell this year.
  3. Provide Curb Appeal to Buyers ? Curb appeal is a term that simply means to make your home look great from the curb. Not every potential buyer will begin their search for homes for sale by walking through your staging. Many times, drivers may have found your listing online and want to drive by. Google searches related to real estate related terms has increased by 253% when comparing data from 2009 to 2013. Having good curb appeal for your home can enlist a wide variety of tasks. However, sticking to the basics which are having fresh paint, regularly mowing your lawn, and having some decorative flowers planted are all good signs of curb appeal.
  4. A Remodel is Great for Staging Purposes – If you have just remodeled your home, this can make a property very enticing for a potential buyer. Various instances of remodeling can greatly impact the value of a home. Research shows that a small kitchen remodel can have a return on investment of up to 82.7%. Adding a bathroom to your home can raise the return on investment by as much as 86.4%. Realtors are well aware of how a house for sale with recent renovations can be highly sought after by buyers.

In closing, there are steps that can improve any home staging. Realtors know a home free of clutter is one that has a greater chance to sell. Thoroughly cleaning high traffic surfaces of your home can help to make it look brand new. Curb appeal should always be high on the list of staging must dos. Most of what goes into effective curb appeal would be regular lawn maintenance you are likely already doing. In addition, where a home is relative to a sought after school district can increase the value of a home by up to 20%.

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