4 Simple Donation Ideas for Veterans and Children In Need of Clothing

When to donate clothes

Barely two months from the consumer madness that was Black Friday, America is launched into the inevitable holiday rush and blitzkrieg last-minute Christmas shopping. Consumer studies show that today’s average American purchases more than twice as much clothing as they did 2 decades ago, and dispose of almost 70 pounds of clothes, linens, and textiles every year. That’s 10.5 million tons of clothes being sent to landfills annually, which is such as waste.
What many Americans don’t bear in mind whenever they’re purging their closets is that there are thousands of people out there who would be more than grateful to turn their “trash” into treasure — particularly, the country’s dear war veterans and children in need clothing. Not only is this a great way of helping families in need, but donations for non profit organizations can be written off your taxes. For example, you can get a receipt worth $60 for donating men’s suits and overcoats, and a working coffee maker can be written off for as much as $15.
Today, a great number of non profit organizations and green charities have launched measures to make getting your donations for veterans and children in need clothing much more convenient — donation appraisal included. You simply have to Google or call the orgainzation for their nearest clothing drop off locations, or how you can schedule a donation pickup.
Here are a few ideas of what you can donate and how much you can value your household items and used clothing donations when you’re asking for a receipt:

  • Tops
  • Women’s and men’s blouses start at $2, but can go as high as $12. Children’s blouses can range from $1 to $6. T-shirts and tank tops for both men and women range from $1 to $6. Sweaters are valued at a higher starting point, ranging between $5 to $15.

  • Bottoms
  • These start at $2, but can go as high as $15 for men. Skirts are valued at $2 to $12, while shorts start at $1 and can go as high as $9. Denim bottoms garner the highest value, ranging from $4 to $21 for adults, and $2 to $10 for children.

  • Outerwear
  • Adult coats are valued between $7 and $40, and $3 and $15 for children. If you live in a region that experiences only one to two seasons, and you have coats you haven’t had the need for in over 6 months, consider giving them to children in need clothing.

  • Electrical Items
  • Lamps and coffee makers start at $4, with VCR/DVD players can be valued between $8 and $15. You can also donate computers and printers, and value them for as much as $150 to $250.

For a more detailed overview, check it out.

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