5 Great Holidays For Buying Furniture

Living room furniture

Our money is important to us and to our social system. Money is key. We use it to feed ourselves, to educate ourselves, and to keep homes over our heads. But its nice every now and then to spend money on things that will just make us happy. One of those things we can spend money on is furniture. Furniture is something that we can enjoy, but it also something that we need to have as well. Comfort and necessity. So whether you’re looking at New York furniture, rustic modern furniture, dining room furniture, or whatever else, know that you have a wonderful reason to buy it. In addition, here’s a list of 5 times throughout the year when sales are lower or you just have a great excuse to buy them.

  1. Valentines Day
    Valentines Day is a a great time to buy furniture. There are wonderful deals that pop up around that time for that specific purpose. There are a few holidays that come around each year that are all about giving (some of the other ones made this list). As such, giving furniture on this day is an obvious solution. You can buy a new sofa for your loved one and then you can later enjoy it together while watching a movie, sharing a meal, or just enjoying each other’s company. Because of that, Valentines day is actually one of the two holidays when people buy the most furniture.
  2. Memorial Day
    Memorial Day is the other holiday of the year in which people buy the most furniture. Because sellers know that people will come in droves, they lower prices to accommodate them and to entice them to sell more. All of those prices make for a great way to get a gift those who are in need of relaxation and enjoyment. Rustic modern furniture are also a great idea for such an event that is all about patriotism and nationalism. Getting rustic modern furniture for family members of those who have served and died for our country is a kindhearted gesture that can express what is sometimes a hard thing to say.
  3. Mothers/Fathers Day
    And another set of holidays that are all about giving and loving are, of course, Mother’s and Father’s Day. It doesn’t matter which holiday is closer or which one you are celebrating, both are important and the people being celebrated are even more important. Parents give so much to their children, so those (now grown) kids buying furniture for their parents one of the sweetest acts they can do. Imagine the metaphore behind it. It’s as if the child is saying, “I love you and want to support you.” Gifting rustic modern furniture can say just that.
  4. Holiday Season (Christmas/Kwanza/Hanukkah)
    Ironically, Valentines Day and Memorial Day are the two biggest holidays for buying furniture. That said, they are not the only holiday about giving and gifting. In fact, there is a whole time of year that is focused on that. That’s right, the time of December if full of love and gifting, so it might as well be a great time to give gifts such as rustic modern furniture to loved ones.

    Whether you are celebrating holidays like Christmas, Kwanza, or Hannukkah, you can celebrate it by giving away gifts like furniture. Christmas is a large majority holiday that has its roots in Christianity, but is also based on loving and giving. Kwanza is a holiday deeply rooted with African heritage and is focused on celebrating community and family. Hannukkah is based off a Jewish miracle and celebrators re-enact that miracle every year. These three holidays are about love, family, and community, and as such giving to those around you is a great way to celebrate that.
  5. July
    Lastly, July is a great time to go out and buy furniture as well. The reason being that this month in the middle of the year leaves room for people’s wallets to breathe. Discounts go up as “last chance” sales increase before new styles come in with August. Plus, there are several holidays in the month including the 4th of July and International Friendship Day.

No matter which holiday you go with, know that a gift from a loved one goes a long way.

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