Five Ways to Make your Furniture Budget Work for You

Dining room furniture

Furnishing a house can be expensive and overwhelming. You want to choose the best pieces that complement your home?s design, but you also want to stick to your furniture budget. Fortunately, there are ways to furnish your house, without spending a fortune. As you begin to shop for home furniture, keep these discount furniture tips in mind.

Check out the clearance section of the furniture store
Most furniture stores have a section of the store that is dedicated to discounted furniture. These items are often floor models and previous season?s furniture lines. Because you are one of the few people to see your furniture, it doesn?t really matter that it came from last year?s furniture line. Also, floor models can easily be cleaned up and turned into a great piece of furniture. It is also a great way to get the top model lines, at a discounted price.

Shop for furniture online
The internet has made shopping easier than ever. You no longer have to run from store to store to price shop. Find a furniture set that you like and type it into a shopping search. You can easily pull up prices and dimensions of different types of furniture. In a recent HomeGoods survey, 14% of respondents said their home furnishings actually make them feel gloomy and stressed. Give yourself time to shop around and find furniture pieces that actually make you happy.

Check out estate sales
Estate sales are another great way to take advantage of furniture sales. You can find great furniture sales at estate sales for a significantly discounted price. These are often items that people want or need to get rid of and are willing to sell at a garage sale price. Even if you prefer to have the furniture pieces professionally cleaned, you could end up saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars. A 2016 survey revealed that 49% of respondents find country style furnishings the most appealing for their home. Estate sales often have antiqued and country furnishings.

Purchase used furniture
The internet also opens you up to personal sellers looking to sell their used furniture. These are often sellers looking to sell, simply because they want to upgrade their furniture. In many cases, you can get furniture pieces cheaper than the local furniture sale at your community furniture store. Sofas have a lifespan of seven to 15 years. Most people choose to replace their furniture much earlier than that, giving you many years of use, at a furniture sale price.

Sign up for furniture store alerts
Local furniture stores often hold big sales throughout the year. These sales are to push sales and to get last year?s line off the floor, making room for next year?s line. Sign up for communication from your local furniture stores. You can even specifically request sale information on certain types of furniture. If you are in the market for bedroom furniture, keep an eye out for a mattress sale. These sales will sometimes discount furniture pieces, pay your sales tax, or offer you free incentives for buying during the sale period.

Furniture shopping can be stressful. Take the stress out of it by finding discounted furniture pieces that meet your housing needs. There are many ways to avoid paying full price for the furniture that you want. Avoid feeling rushed and instead, design a space that is furnished with items that make you feel comfortable and stress free.

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