The Gay Realtor Pride in Fort Lauderdale

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Those in the LGBTQ community experience discrimination. And that discrimination is unwarranted, unneeded, and unnecessary. People in the LGBTQ community are simply trying to live their lives and this harassment and discrimination keeps them from doing that. Makes it harder. Much harder. They too need services catering to them.

Therein comes the real estate office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They cater to the LGBTQ community. They find them luxury apartments, mansions for sale, oceanfront condos for sale, and waterfront homes for sale. They do a good deed while securing a community that has been disenfranchised a quality of service that is respectable. No judgment.

There is beauty in this. It’s a great thing.

Real estate agents often meet clients in a person part of their lives. Real estate agents find out about their client’s income bracket, their income history, their history in owning houses, what they are looking for in a house, what they are looking for in a condo, which suits them the best.

It’s more than just a sale. A real estate agent forms a relationship with their clients that grows over a period of time. A house, a luxury apartment, an oceanfront condo are all significant investments. And it goes beyond financial. For many of these people, these places are where they are going to live for the next five, 10, 15, 20 years.

It is a significant commitment. And the real estate agent gets to author that commitment by finding the right property for the right person and in the case of someone in the LGBTQ community, a property where there will be less discrimination, out-dated and out-moded mentalities. They will try to find the right property for them. This may not be easy.

Fort Lauderdale is the place to start. It is in Florida, one of the most populous stated in the United States and has some of the best weather around. It is warm, temperate typically all year around. The people in Florida get shocked when the temperature hits the 40’s. That’s all a person needs to know.

Florida has some statistics associated with it. They are:

  • Florida?s total population: 21.31 million.
  • Florida has a surface area of 65,755 square miles.
  • If growth continues at roughly the same rate, by the time that the next Census is undertaken in 2020, the population will exceed 22 million and Florida?s population could potentially surpass 26 million by 2030.
  • Florida?s population grows by almost 1,000 people each day.
  • Florida attracts more than 100 million visitors each year.

Florida has some of the best beaches in the country, with only California likely competing against them. They are white sandy beaches, with a fresh amount of grain. It is fine sand, the kind that seeps into between the toes in a wonderful way. And there is wildlife. There is scuba diving. There are sea shells.

Florida has another major perk associated with it. It is one of three states in the United States with no income tax. This means that a person’s earnings are only subject to the federal government. There is no state tax to take a bite out of the paycheck. That creates a landslide of money into the bank account. It is good.

Their are important considerations for real estate for sale when looking at Florida. There are some statistics worth noting.

  • The median price of a vacation home sold in 2016 was $200,000, up 4.2 percent compared with 2015 and the highest median price since 2006.
  • 42% of vacation home buyers plan on using their property for vacations or as a family retreat.
  • 36% of vacation buyers purchased property in a beach area.

Real estate for sale goes beyond the vacation home, however. It goes for those luxury apartments, and those mansions, and those oceanfront condos. There are new condos for sale, and luxury waterfront homes for sale, houses for sale, and Fort Lauderdale homes for sale.

When this is combined with the gay realtor and those that are helping specifically the LGBTQ community to find housing, this is a great benefit for anyone who has a “non-traditional” sexual orientation, as some people would call. Those are gay and proud can find a community that embraces them.

Real estate for sale means more to these realtors. Real estate for sale means helping others.

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