Should You Use A Cane? Know The Risk Factors

Stylish walking sticks

Among the elderly, mobility issues become common. Mobility issues, though not as common among the young, can effect anyone at any age, however, particularly those who have a disability that effects their mobility. If you or someone you know suffers from mobility issues, it’s important to have the proper mobility tools, like a cane for walking. Among older adults, one in four, a staggering 25%, will fall every year in the United States, risking serious injury and sometimes even death. Of these falls among older adults, half will occur at home, where it is less likely that the victim of the fall will have anyone to help them or contact emergency services. Fortunately, a mobility aide such as a cane for walking can help to prevent these tragedies before they occur.

Mobility aides such as walking sticks and wooden canes are by no means uncommon in the United States. In America alone, almost seven million people use some type of mobility aide to help them in their day to day lives. For those over the age of eighty five, the number increases. Almost half of those over eighty five use a mobility aide like a cane for walking. Of overall mobility device users, almost 5 million use functional canes, meaning that canes for walking make up 70% of mobility devices and aides that are commonly used.

There are many reasons that someone might use a cane for walking. One very common reason is osteoarthritis, a type of degenerative arthritis that wears away at joints over time, causing pain and instability in its sufferers. Osteoarthritis is actually the number one reason for the use of a walking cane, as about one fifth of cane users use a cane for walking because of their osteoarthritis diagnosis. Aside from osteoarthritis, dizziness is another reason for the use of a cane for walking. Dizziness is one of the top reasons that elderly people experience often dangerous falls, and a cane can help to provide an extra source of stability.

No matter what the reason for using a cane is, a cane can always be stylish. Stylish canes are becoming more and more popular and many cane users come to think of their canes as part of a fashion statement. Designer walking canes are also becoming more common, as are custom walking canes. Canes for walking can provide both form and function, style and stability, as well as peace of mind and a greater sense of independence for cane users.

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