The Benefits of Brass Cane Handles

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Since the beginning of the modern day society we now live in, the world of medicine has grown and expanded in ways that almost no one could predict. One could go so far as to compare this industry to another industry that has expanded and now has changed our everyday lives. You could make the connection that the growth of technology has gone hand in hand with the growth of medicine.

There was once a time in which professional doctors failed to help patients because they lacked the basic requirements for the protection of the body against bacteria and germs. Many times before patients would die on the operating table simply from bacteria and germs which are when considering how easy it is to protect people from minuscule things like that during the operational procedure.

Now, we live in a world where medicine and technology have crossed paths and have brought forth inventions and medicinal items that can do almost anything we need. Granted, there are some issues we still must solve but as a society, we have come quite long ways in terms of creating new solutions.

Let us stop for a moment and understand that some of these inventions are not necessarily inventions that will save humanity from growing extinct but instead are items that help people on a daily basis. We will focus on older people in America that need aid and help to be mobile and how items created help them do so with ease. Let us talk about brass cane handles and many other items, and the benefits they bring to society.

Every year in the United States, one in four adults will fall. While for some this is not serious, as you get older your body becomes weaker and when you fall you become more vulnerable to serious injuries. Understand that every single year, more than two million senior citizens will visit the emergency room because they fell and hurt themselves. That is a high number of people going to an emergency room simply because they fell.

This is why brass cane handles, wooden canes, walking sticks, an umbrella cane, and folding canes are all so important. Items like a brass cane handle help older citizens get around without the innate risk of falling and injuring themselves. Every 11 seconds, an older adult will go to an emergency room to be treated for a fall.

Data suggest s that about 6.8 million Americans will seek help from an assistive device such as a cane to help their mobility. Amongst older adults, over 50% of all falls will take place in their home which can be dangerous if they live alone or even just home alone for a long period of time and cannot reach a phone. That is how people end up with serious injuries when they have no one to aid them and no brass cane handles to help them.

Of all Americans over the age of 85, just under 40% use mobility devices. Of all Americans over the age of 65, 10.2% will use a can or brass cane handles to help aid their mobility. Canes are the most widely used device to help aid mobility in the United States, which includes brass cane handles. Understand that 4.8 million Americans walk with a cane which equates to 70% of all mobile device users walking with a cane. Two of the most common reasons for an elderly citizen falling include unsteadiness or dizziness when standing up or trying to walk.

In Conclusion

There is no shame for anyone using a mobility device to help aid them especially if they are going to be able to avoid falling and doing serious harm to their bodies. As mentioned before, many people will experience a fall in the comfort of their own home. While some may think it is better to fall there than anywhere else that is a myth. When an older citizen is by themselves with brass cane handles, they can end up in peril. What happens if they are seriously hurt and there is no one there to aid them? Make sure the older person in your life can get the right help that they deserve.

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