5 Reasons to Consider Working with a Custom Home Builder to Get Your Dream Home

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House remodels, renovations and improvements are bug business in the United States. The industries generated about $144 billion in 2014. Nearly 40% of people who own their own home say they plan to renovate their home within the next 12 months. The homeowners surveyed on this were in five major centers. If you are looking for a new home, those numbers should matter to you because some of that work can be avoided if you work with a custom home builder to design and build the home of your dreams.

Working with a custom home builder is less expensive and more cost effective than you might think. There are also other benefits to going this route. Here are some of the reasons you may want to have a custom home builder create the home you really want:

  1. You can build the home you need. Do you have a large family? Maybe you need more bedrooms and bathrooms than most existing homes have. Maybe you know that older relatives are going to need to be close so you can build a guest house or separate apartment onto your home for them. You can buy an existing home and add these elements that your family needs but it is a lot more cost effective to handle these issues during the initial construction of your home. If you entertain a lot, adding a new home deck to a custom home can be easier than adding one to an existing home.
  2. You can make your home energy efficient. People today are very interested in increasing the energy efficiency of their homes. This is both for environmental concerns and to lower your utility bills. When you buy an existing home, the older it is the less energy efficient it will be. You new home can have the most insulated and energy conserving windows, which can cut your energy bills. You can incorporate passive solar technology to boost that efficiency. Solar panels can be added to the roof, for example. The way you orient the home can be set to use less energy. You can put on a steel roof, which deflects the summer sun to keep your home cooler during those months. There are options available today that were not around when many existing houses were built. By working with a custom home builder, you can take advantage of new technology.
  3. You can get the appliances you really want. When you move into an existing home, you have to take a lot of appliances that you may not really love. Working with a custom home builder will allow you to get the appliances you really want. If you make sure you get all Energy Star rated appliances, you may be able to get tax breaks or take advantage of other programs that have been set up to encourage home builders and homeowners to use more energy efficient appliances. Your heating, ventilating and air conditioning unit may also be covered by these programs.
  4. Get the privacy you want. If privacy is a concern for you and your family, you can design a home that maximizes your privacy. You can work with your custom home builder to design creative ways to help you get the view from your home that you want while maintaining your personal privacy. You may not be able to get that from an existing home.
  5. You can save money. If you buy an existing home, you may spend less on the actual purchase. Taking that existing home and turning it into the home of your dreams will cost a lot. Home remodeling and renovation projects are both expensive and can be painful to live through. If you are living in the home as you make your renovations, it can be a very long process that makes life in that house hard to deal with. Working with a custom home builder to get the house you want from the get go will save you money in the long run.

The perception of working with custom home builders is that it is very expensive but it can be more affordable than buying an existing home.



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