7 Reasons Why People Are Using Self Storage Facilities

The demand for self-storage units is on the rise. More and more people are using these facilities for different reasons. Some want to store their belongings while others are outgrowing space at home.

The rising demand has contributed to the growth of the storage industry. According to statistics, this industry generates revenue above $22 billion.

The following are the primary reasons why people are turning to self-storage facilities.

1. Running Out of Space At Home

Do you have items in your home which you no longer need? So, why don’t you sell them?

Well, people are reluctant to dispose of their belongings. They want to hang onto them because they want to pass them on at some point. It may be a bed, bike or a bookcase.

2. Moving to a New House

Are you planning to sell your home and use the proceeds to buy a new home? Well, this is not a straightforward activity that you can do in a day.

For example, you may be moving to a distant location. In such a case, it will not be possible to move everything at once. That’s why you need a fallback plan to ensure you’re not left in a huge dilemma. A mini storage facility helps take this stress away from you.

3. When Undertaking Renovations in Your House

Are you undertaking any repairs or renovations in your home? The last thing you want is debris building on your appliances, carpet or furniture.

Further, the builders need enough room to carry out their work. It is also necessary to protect them from different safety hazards. After the renovation exercise, collect and refurbish your items.

4. When Downsizing to a Smaller Property

There are different reasons why people move to smaller houses. You want to reduce your rental expenses, for instance. When moving to a town or city, a similar size house will cost more in terms of rent or purchase.

With this, most people opt to downsize. But your belongings will not fit into your smaller room. Don’t sell the items if you want to move at a later date. The solution is; park your items in a mini storage facility and collect them when relocating.

5. When Expecting a Baby

Are you expecting a baby soon? Having a child changes the structure and dynamics of your accommodation. For example, you’ll have to clear the room to accommodate the newborn’s needs and wants. Such include buying and installing a cot.

So, what do you do with the extra bed in the room? And the desks, cabinets, and other items in this room? You’ll need these items in the next three years. Using a mini storage facility allows you to collect and place the items accordingly in the room.

6. Ease of Storing Tools and Equipment

An ordinary home has a collection of tools including carpentry and garden tools. Some families rarely use these items. Instead of having these tools lie idle, lease a mini storage unit and collect them whenever you need to use them. After completing the project, return the tools without creating any clutter or disturbance.

7. Keeping Your Belongings Secure

A mini storage facility offers better security to various items than homes. Most self-storage warehouses have a fence, security cameras, and manned entries.
Some storage facilities use concrete from the top to bottom. Such a facility ensures your items are safe on summer, winter, and during storms.

Paying a small price for a self storage unit gives you peace of mind and extra security for your items. Don’t forget, the facilities have a valid insurance policy. Another reason to smile and sleep comfortably.

People have different hobbies. Quad bikes, and speed boats can be expensive. A storage facility comes in handy where you don’t have a boat storage garage. It ensures safety while protecting your investment. And in case of any damage or loss, the insurance will cater for the costs.

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