9 Important Things You Should Know When Choosing Metal Roofing

There are many requests from custom home builders these days that they put up a metal roof on any property that they might be building for their customers. This is why you might want to ask about the metal roof before and after pictures that they can show you to help you better understand the kind of metal roofing options that are available to you.

There are low rib metal roofing choices that you might want to make when you are looking at the permalock metal shingles that can help you get the assistance that you need to do the work that you need to do. A permalock aluminum shingle is another option that you might want to go with instead. The point is that you need to review any and all options for how you get a metal roof put on your property.

Don’t miss out on the chance to explore the metal roof options that are available to you today. The reality is that many people never think to ask about what kind of roof makes the most sense for their needs. However, this is exactly what you should be asking questions about as you work on creating the home roofing system that you need today.

An ideal roof for your home should be durable, visually appealing, and efficient. When choosing residential or commercial roofing, some of the most important things you should consider include style, cost, installation and material. Metal roofing northern Wisconsin is one of the great trends in the home improvement industry. With proper maintenance metal, roofs can last for at least 50 years. One of the best roofing materials is aluminum. High-quality aluminum roofing provides long-lasting benefits. They enhance the outlook of your home and boost its value.

Why You Should Choose Aluminum Roof over other metals Roofing

Metal roofing is the material of choice for many homeowners due to its numerous benefits. Below are some properties which make aluminum an excellent choice.

1. Energy Saving

Aluminum has heat-regulating attributes that make it distinct from copper, tin, or steel. It keeps your home warm during winter and cooler during the hot season. This means that you will need lesser air conditioning. As a result, your power costs will go down significantly due to reduction of energy consumption.

2. Reflector Property

Aluminum boasts of great reflecting properties. The metal reflects more than 90 percent of sun rays during summer. Despite the high temperatures, the metal roofing makes the house feel cooler. Similarly, the roofing reflects much heat back to the house to maintain a warmer temperature. Note that the roof is the main medium through which your house loses heat. Investing in aluminum roofs can help regulate your house’s temperatures. Other metal roofing materials such as tin, steel and copper retain temperatures leading to high indoor temperature during hot weather. Aluminum material, on the other hand, deflects heat and acts as a radiant barrier. This makes your room cooler. When you install an aluminum roof, your house will be cooler during summer and warmer during winter.

3. Aluminum Roofing is versatile

Aluminum comes in various designs and types. It is also malleable. The numerous options offer you great flexibility to choose roofing that will match your needs. Some aluminum roofing options include panels, shingles, standing seams, shakes, and tiles.

4. Durability

Aluminum roofing boasts of a long life span. It lasts for many years without showing any sign of tear or wear. Here is another interesting thing. The roofing can withstand harsh weather condition. This means that your aluminum roofing will still maintain the new and lustrous appearance. Therefore, aluminum roofing is a perfect choice if you live in areas that are prone to acidic rain and high humidity. The metal roofing is suitable for roofing in coastal areas that experience high rainfall. It even does a better job than steel roofing materials such as Galvalume.

Another great feature of aluminum is that it does not rust, crack or warp. Other materials such as copper, steel and tip are susceptible to corrosion and rust if not galvanized. The anti-corrosion feature is what makes aluminum roofing endeared by homeowners. Aluminum roofing, therefore, adds value to your home and retains the visual appeal which is an important factor during home valuation.

5. Environmental Friendly

Aluminum roofing material is recyclable. About 95 percent of aluminum roofing is manufactured using recycled material. This makes it eco-friendly hence, a suitable choice for your construction needs. Today, sustainability is an important factor in the construction industry. This is explains why the popularity of aluminum roofing has grown tremendously.

6. Lightweight

Aluminum is light compared to other metal materials such as copper or steel. Therefore, it’s easy to transport and install the roofing. Consequently, you will save on labor costs since you will require less labor.

7. Affordable

The cost of aluminum ranges is in the middle of the spectrum. It’s cheaper than buying copper and zinc. The price, however, depends on the finish, panel types and thickness.

8. Strong and Safe

The strength to weight ratio of aluminum is great than any other metal. It is, therefore, incredibly strong material, hence great for roofing.

9. Aesthetic

Aluminum has a modern and aesthetically pleasing look. However, you can coat it using different finishes for even better appearance.


When choosing metal roofing for your home, you should consider factors such as durability, strength and appearance. Aluminum is one of the best choices that will offer you numerous benefits for years to come.

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