A Look At The Benefits Of Clothing Donation

If you’re looking for a way to give back to your community, consider donating clothes. From the option to donate clothes to the Red Cross at a clothing donation pickup to simply giving your clothes away to a person that you know is in need, donating your old clothing is a great way to not only declutter your life if even just by a little bit, but to lend a helping hand as well.

The option to donate clothes to Red Cross is a particularly good one, because if you donate clothes to the Red Cross, you will be guaranteed to be helping out people in need. And the American Red Cross is very much in need of clothing donations, as they are typically open twenty four hours of the day for seven days of the week – and all days of the year, including major holidays (which is often when people are in need of shelter and support the very most). Not only do they provide the donated clothing to needy recipients, but they also offer food, shelter, blankets, and even blood. While many people donate much needed monetary amount to the American Red Cross (which is the thirteen largest charity in the United States as ranked by private donations alone), the option to donate clothes to the Red Cross provides a way to give back that does not involve parting with any money, something that not everyone is in a stable enough financial position to be able to do.

the time to donate clothes to Red Cross is not only good for your community, however. The option to donate clothes to Red Cross can actually be good for the environment as well, something that not enough people are actively aware of. But the fact of it is that the average person in the United States consumes more – and in greater quantities – than ever before in history. In fact, it is estimated that the typical American will consume as many as seventy items of clothing each and every year. Altogether, this means that people living here in the United States will consume as many as twenty billion items of clothing and other such garments by the time that the year draws to a close. Compared to even just fifty years ago, this is an incredibly jump.

And all of the old clothing that goes out of style or simply no longer fits us anymore has to go somewhere, and too often that somewhere ends up being a landfill. It’s actually estimated that at least ten pounds of clothing are thrown away each and every year – per person. Of this clothing, far too little of a percentage is actually recycled. The other portion end up straight in a landfill, where they remain and only contribute to the growing problem of waste faced not only here in the United States but in all parts of the world as well. Choosing to donate clothes to Red Cross is a viable way to avoid contributing waste, and it is estimated that as much as one hundred percent of donated textiles can be repurposed in some way, even if it is not through direct resale as an article of clothing. In fact, only around forty five percent of so of used donated clothes are actually resold. Some are simply given to those in need, while others are repurposed into factory rages, furniture stuffings, and even more.

But why should you donate clothes to Red Cross locations or to a clothing donation center? For one, you’re helping out those in need. As mentioned above, giving a donation to the Red Cross or another such charitable organization can be a great way to help people out when you aren’t in the financial position to donate money yourself. But making the choice to donate to Red Cross locations also allows you to clear out your own living space. Clothes can be bulky, and many of us find ourselves with wardrobes that take up far too much space. Making the choice to donate clothes to Red Cross locations can be hugely instrumental in decluttering your space in your closet and around your home.

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