Achieve Luxury and Comfort with Mission Style Decor

There are a ton of different ways you can decorate your home. The market is saturated with all kinds of styles, colors, and designs. However, finding a balance between a look that is luxurious but homey can be a challenge. Many fancier styles are lacking in warmth and don’t feel as welcoming as you might like your home to feel.

If you want a style to decorate your home with that is equal parts beautiful and welcoming, you may want to consider going with a mission style home. You can do everything from lighting to furniture to rugs in this look and create a warm and luxurious vibe that would make anyone feel at home. Create a space that looks wonderful, but that you’re not afraid to cozy up in.

What is Mission Style Decor?

The mission style of decorating became popular in the 19th century and is marked by geometric lines, leather furniture, stained glass, woven fabric, earthy colors, and a distinct portrayal of the beauty of wood grain. Many of the pieces feature earthy, warm designs that feel incredibly welcoming while also looking classy. You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for comfort. You can have them both!

Living Rooms

A mission style living room can be a lovely and cozy place to spend time with your family. The reddish tones of oak furniture mixed with stained glass lamp shades and decorative rugs will really bring the room to life while making you feel at home. It pairs well with wood floors and a nice fireplace.


You can have a mission style bedroom set
as well. Mission style lighting is wonderful for bedrooms as it is generally warmer and softer due to the popular stained glass shades and covers. It’s perfect for reading in bed before you sleep. An oak armoire would also make a stunning addition and add storage space for you clothes and shoes.

Comfort and Style

Mission style lighting, furniture, and decorations give you the best of both worlds. You can seamlessly mix comfort and style to achieve the home of your dreams that you will love to invite your friends to see!

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