What are the advantages of attending private schools

When you have kids and they start going to school you will be faced with the decision on whether or not to enrol them in public school or private school. There are many differences between the two types of schools and if you have never tried to find out what they are here is a great eye opener for you. There are some advantages of attending private schools that will never compare to the public school systems.

Public schools are government funded organizations with lots of restrictions. There are constant cut backs, new regulations, large class sizes, shortage of teachers, and many other issues to watch for. Public schools have to raise funds using PAC events run by volunteers and parents to try and afford quality items and field trips. Private schools are paid for by the parents of the children enrolled and they have a much larger budget. Private schools have the freedom to decide how money is spent and the class sizes are kept small. Private schools have the budget to buy all the latest technology for their computer labs, classrooms and take many trips throughout the year. The best private schools have all kinds of extracurricular activities to support your child’s need to grow and thrive.

Public schools have limited resources for children who are having a hard time in a learning environment. The only way kids can receive extra help in public school systems is if they are diagnosed with medical health issues or learning disabilities by a physician. There are a very limited number of special needs teachers within the public school system and they are quite overworked. Government paid teachers have the basic training and have limited resources available to them within the public school system. Within the private school system they are constantly doing screenings to ensure children are not struggling and getting to the level they should be. Private schools have a number of highly trained teachers that are paid to ensure the highest quality of education is established.

Nearly a quarter of schools within the United States are private schools. The advantages of attending private schools can help advance children further and provide them with a positive outlook on life. Colleges highly recommend attending private schools to get the best grades and proper training for life as a grown up.

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