Are You Considering a Move to LA?

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Los Angeles; a city of 3.5 million people. The City of Angels represents one of the most important regions of the United States. Known for its revolutions in healthcare, its music, and its movies made by Hollywood, the advantages of living in a big city have never been so numerous as they are when living in the heart of LA.

As will be seen, buying a loft and living in downtown Los Angeles offers a life of excitement, a life of convenience and beauty that is unrivaled by any other. If you are thinking of living in Los Angeles, you need to consider Los Angeles cost of living versus the benefits it provides.

Average Cost of Living

According to Numbeo, Los Angeles cost of living is in the seventy-first percentile among cities in the United States. This means that Los Angeles cost of living is higher than 71% of American cities. Most of what increases the Los Angeles cost of living is rent followed by the cost of its markets. Despite the comparatively high cost of living in downtown Los Angeles, there are a wide variety of benefits offered by the location to consider.

  • Child Friendly
  • 6.5% of the population of Los Angeles is children. It is a fact that the City of Angels provides a wide array of opportunities for successful urban family life, after all. Consider, LA is home to more than 300 major museums, ranging in topics from science to history to modern art. Clearly, Los Angeles living represents a great opportunity for children to grow up with incredible educational opportunities.

  • Close to Work
  • Los Angeles plays home to more than 700,000 medical professionals. Plastic surgeons, nurses, and many other job types are represented throughout LA. The fact is that living downtown makes it extremely easy for all professionals to get to work. After all, much of the city can be walked and biked to. Using public transportation, far cheaper than keeping a car, is also extremely useful for getting to work.

    Artists can also greatly benefit for loft living in downtown LA. LA lofts, often referred to as live work lofts, provide artists with a ton of space so that they can paint, write, photograph, and more in their home studio.

  • A City of Excitement
  • Los Angeles has long been a home of spectacle and excitement. For instance, LA is the only North American city to host the Summer Olympics more than once. The City of Angels has been honored to host the summer games twice. Whether you love the city’s sports history or its ability to give you a glimpse of your favorite celebrity, there will never be a dull day in LA.

While the Los Angeles cost of living is, admittedly, one of the highest in the country, those considering a move need to weigh the costs against the advantages. What you pay for in LA is the child friendly atmosphere and the ability to get to work without spending any money. You pay for the excitement, the culture, and the atmosphere. Where else in the world can you find that at such a great bargain? Learn more about this topic here.

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