Are You Tired of Staying with Friends and Family When You Travel?


Ripe bananas have more sugar.
Really? That is was the response?
Your four bedroom, four bathroom home has served as a hotel for many of your family and friends. It was not, however, until your 15-year old daughter’s friend mad the banana comment that you decided that it might be a good idea to start having your friends and relatives book hotel rooms rather than crash at your place.
The teenage overnight guest was just staying with you for a few days while her parents were out of town, but by the second morning you were already out of patience. When the guest made the sugar comment about ripened bananas you know that you even saw your young daughter cringe. Your daughter knew that you had gone out of your way to make sure that the house was stalked with some great foods. Understanding that the guest was a pescatarian, an eater whose diet is mostly vegetarian but also includes seafood and fish, you had taken the extra effort to make sure that the cupboards and refrigerator were full of healthy and protein filled breakfast and lunch items, and dinner items as well.
The comment that indicated that a ripe banana might have too much sugar, though, was a challenge to handle.
At 6:00 in the morning.
When your daughter was preparing breakfast and packing a lunch for her friend.
When the guest walked out of the kitchen, leaving her banana peel on the counter.
Yeah. You might be suggesting hotels to your friends for awhile.
Hotels Across the Country Are Available in All Kinds of Styles and Price Ranges
For many reasons, travelers often chose staying at hotels over sleeping a few free nights with friends and relatives. And while the free part of the equation can be tempting, the uncomfortable situations that can arise when you are a guest in someone else’s house are not always fun. Visiting friends and family can provide some great memories, but spending the money it takes to stay at hotels is often worth the investment.
If you live in one of the most popular vacation spots like Florida, you may constantly be flooded with requests for lodging from friends and family. And since nearly 80% of domestic trips are taken for leisure, work budgets do not provide any reimbursement. Left to foot the bill themselves, many travelers with a budget in mind look for less expense food and lodging options.
Once travelers look at all of the options in a place like the vacation resorts near Orlando and Kissimmee, however, the chance to stay with friends and family may pale in comparison. The fact that the state of Florida attracted 97.3 million visitors in the year 2014 is an indicator that the area is located with lodging options at all price ranges and with a wide variety of amenities.

In many cases, vacation resorts are expensive because they are worth it. In Florida, for example, resorts with a number of swim up bars, wave pools, golf courses, and relaxing spas are often well worth the money that you pay. Add in the fact that no matter where you are at in Florida you will be less than 60 miles from a beach and you might realize that the hotel and motel reservations are worth it. Long, sandy days at the beach, or late, exhausting days at the amusement park can leave your entire family exhausted. Hotels allow travelers to simply collapse and relax. Without having to pitch in for the meal preparation at the home of a family or friend, travelers with hotel reservations can eat at a hotel restaurant, shower and hit the sack. Resting up for another day or night!
Available in a variety of price ranges, hotels offer travelers the opportunity to select a place that makes the most sense. In addition, staying on a resort property can mean that you are able to avoid long waits in traffic lines, expensive parking fees, and commutes to and from the places that you want to visit.
Staying with a friend or family member on an occasional basis might be fun, but big vacations often require a hotel reservation. Are you ready to book?

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