Available Real Estate In Key West

In the year of 2013, history was made by a 64-year-old woman named Diana Nyad. After five previous attempts, she set a world record by managing to swim from Havana to Key West without a shark cage. This is a span of nearly 90 miles and is incredibly impressive. This is just the starting point to show the value of available real estate in the Key West area.

The Key West area is a strong destination for all people that want an exotic location for vacation trips without having to venture far from the States. So as a result, the available real estate there is quite pricey as the real estate market is strong. However, make sure you know that this type of investment is well worth the investment!

To find the best available houses, go out and try to get involved with hiring a realtor. This is a good starting point because they can at the very least help you narrow down all of the options in terms of available real estate. So be sure to get the most out of your home buying process by having some type of consultant.

The Florida Reef is among the world’s largest coral reefs, boasting a length of 160 miles. This type of impressive stat is exactly why the available real estate is so strong in terms of the market. There are nearly 800 keys total that span over 180 miles. The longest key is referred to as Key Largo at nearly 30 miles long and 0.5 miles wide. Find the right type of land strip so that you can get the most out of buying your home.

The median list price for homes in Key West is $875,000. While that type of number may scare some away, it should bring those who can afford it closer. Getting your hands on this kind of property will prove to be quite splendid for you moving forward. Whether you decide to utilize it as your vacation home or resell for a marked up value!

There are 42 bridges connecting the Florida Keys. The longest, the Seven Mile Bridge, is 35,716 feet long and the shortest, Harris Gap Bridge, is 37 feet long. The Keys are divided into five regions and they are all beloved by those who visit here and those who live in the area. This includes Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Big Pine and the Lower Keys, and Key West.

Tourism is the dominant industry in the Florida Keys, contributing $2.7 billion and 54% of the jobs to the local economy, according to the local tourism development council. For many of the available real estate in Key West, the prices are high because of all this tourism. More people being attracted to an area and being willing to visit the area is one of the simplest ways for property value to go up.

Key West lies 150 miles from Miami but only 90 miles from Cuba, and it was home to such literary greats as Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams. According to recent estimates, Key West has a population of 26,990 people. According to recent estimates, Key Largo has a population of 10,433 people. Keep the population in mind when looking for available real estate so that you can be well suited in your new home!

In Conclusion

Every year there are people who set out to get their hands on the available real estate in Key West. This can be done by way of buying a new home or potentially renting a property out. As previously mentioned, there is absolutely no shame in getting help from a talented and well-connected real estate agent!

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