Barwood Furniture Create a Rustic Setting With all the Right Accents

Island for the kitchen

Furniture is not only functional, it can also make a personal statement about a person’s tastes, values, and personality. Given this, many people throughout the United States spend a considerable amount of time to find just the right pieces for their homes and vacation getaways. Furthermore, Americans also like to shop for unique decor and may update or add to their collections on a regular basis.

Growth in the Global Home Furnishing Industry

While adults of all ages enjoy shopping for furniture and home decor, the Millennial generation purchased even more furniture between 2012 and 2014. Given their increase in furniture purchases, Millennials raised the industry’s revenue from $11.1 billion to $27.0 billion in United States dollars. Furthermore, the global furniture and floor covering market is expected to reach $695 billion as early as 2019.

United States Spending Trends

Many consumers within this country are willing to spend their money on redecorating. Some will, of course, spend more than others to upgrade or revitalize their home decor. The average consumer, for instance, will spend about $2,200 to redecorate their living room. Baby Boomers, however, are more likely to spend more than the average person, and tend to budget about $3,000 for redecoration projects. Generation X shoppers will usually budget $2,500, while Millennials will budget $1,500.

Redecorate Your Home or Cabin With Barnwood Furniture

If you’re searching for some redecorating ideas, are you familiar with reclaimed barnwood furniture? Reclaimed barnwood can be made into a variety of rustic furniture, such as log cabin style bunk beds, bedside tables, bookshelves, and kitchen islands. Adirondack chairs can be a nice addition to your front or back porch along with other patio furnishings.To complement your barnwood furniture, you may be interested in tribal print throws, bedding, and lighting, such as art glass chandeliers.

When furniture is made from reclaimed wood, it not only doesn’t go to waste, it makes a unique statement about your tastes and values. Since there are so many different types of accessories that complement this style of furniture, you may want to hire an interior decorator to assist you with creating a comfortable getaway or updating your home’s decor.

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