The Importance Of Playing Video Games In American Society

Big bean bag chairs

For gamers, comfort is highly important. A gamer bean bag chair can provide that at a relatively low cost, and has a high degree of possibility for customization. From a giant beanbag chair to even a fuzzy bean bag chair, a gamer bean bag chair can truly be almost anything that the gamer wants it to be.

And a gamer bean bag chair is a popular item, as video games are popular themselves. In fact, over 150 million people in the United States consider themselves regular gamers and around 80% of all American households own at least one video game console. By 2017, the value of the video game market had reached over $18 billion dollars, quickly nearing a market worth of 20 billion dollars.

Though perhaps we think of the typically gamer as a teenage boy, in fact video games reach across every demographic (which means that nearly everyone can benefit from the purchase of a bean bag gaming chair, be it a large bean bag chair or a corduroy bean bag chair). While 60% of people who purchase video games are men, 40% are women, which means that almost half of the video game playing population is a woman or girl. And not just teens play video games on a regular basis. In fact, the age of the average adult gamer in the United States is 35, far from the teenage years and at least 10% of all adults in the United States would describe themselves as a regular gamer. The average video game player in the United States has been playing video games regularly for over ten years, which means that many gamers kept playing video games even after their teen years ended.

There is a huge variety in the types of video games that are played by gamers as well, and many gamers partake in many different kinds of video gaming experiences. For instance, social games are incredibly popular, as they provide a way to engage with other people and form bonds and friendships while still partaking in a favorite activity. Nearly half of all video game players play social games on a regular basis and spend an average of nearly seven hours every week playing on online platforms with other gamers.

No matter what kind of video games you enjoy playing, it’s important to play in comfort, especially if you play for long stretches of time in one sitting. A gamer bean bag chair is the perfect place to play video games, as it provides a high degree of comfort but is also easy to transport and take care of. A nice bean bag chair is a solid investment to make, and you can personalize it in almost any way that you want, from the size of it to the material that you cover it with.

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