Buying or Remodeling a Home in Tampa

The real estate market today is enormous. After all, everyone needs somewhere to live, and if they aren’t renting their living space, then they are buying homes all across the United States. Living spaces range from apartments and condos to town homes and suburban houses, and in South Tampa in Florida, upscale customers may look for the finest homes on the market or even design their own home. It is not uncommon for a contemporary home to be a custom built home, and upper-class customers will work with architects and other professionals to design a structurally sound and personalized living space. Luxury homes are often built in this way, and getting a modern design like that may be an excellent option for a retiree in the South Tampa area. Meanwhile, homeowners may want to remodel their homes, such as hiring contractors for redesigning a kitchen or the master bathroom. After all, redesigning a kitchen or another room may boost the home’s appeal on the real estate market, so work like redesigning a kitchen can result in a significant return on investment, or ROI. What is there to consider when designing a model home or redesigning a kitchen?

Upper Scale Housing In Florida

As many Americans are aware, Florida is a popular state to live in due to its fair climate and many attractions, not the least of which is the state’s many beaches and coasts. Housing in some regions of Florida may be on the expensive side, but there are plenty of home builders or customers who have both the budget and the interest in setting up their living space there. For example, around 8% of all home buyers in the United States have a household income of $200,000 and beyond, and they may be looking for fine luxury homes in the Sunshine State. Right now, the verage luxury threshold price clocks in at $975,000, and similarly, the median luxury home selling price is close to $1,436,594. Meanwhile, Christie’s International Real Estate report showed that most American luxury homes are selling within 220 days of being listed, and this is a time frame where an upper-end buyer may find just the right home.

Or, in some cases, a customer would rather have their dream home build with the aid of contractors and architects. The buyer will first purchase the plot of land where the home will be constructed, then coordinate with professionals to design it according to the buyer’s wishes. Such houses may vary in the number of floors, the location and types of rooms, window placement and type, a back wooden porch, and even chimneys and fireplaces if so desired. New home design may follow current trends, or a home buyer may have something more innovative and personal in mind.

Remodeling the Home

American homes, even luxury homes and other upper-end housing, may be updated and remodeled on the inside every so often. This will not only refresh the house’s utilities and features, but also increase its value and desirability on the real estate market. Remodeling work such as redesigning a kitchen can really pay off, since rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom may yield a ROI as high as 70-80% when remodeled. Other spaces such as the living room, the master bedroom, and even the basement may be remodeled like this. It’s no DIY job; contractors will be hired for anything from plumbing to flooring and altering the drywall, and everything in between.

Redesigning the kitchen, for example, may involve some new hardware such as a brand new stove with modern features, or replacing the fridge or even the sink (plumbers will handle the latter). Elsewhere, the flooring may be torn up and new tiles or linoleum may be put down, and the countertops may be replaced with tough but attractive granite or marble models. Many homeowners are eager to cook in a remodeled kitchen. Meanwhile, the bathroom may also have its floors updated, and the sink, shower, tub, toilet, or all of those plumbing utilities may be replaced with attractive new models. Elderly homeowners may have their old tub replaced with a senior-friendly tub with a water-proof door that can open and close for ease of access.

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