Buying Your First Home in Florida

When buying a home, local knowledge matters. That’s why most people choose to work with a realtor when buying a house. They can be a good source of information about everything from local schools to taxes. If you’re buying your first home in Florida, there are a number of things to be aware of such as waterfront insurance and hurricane safety.

Buying your first home in Florida
If you’re looking for homes for sale in Florida, you’re not the only one. In fact, Florida has the fastest growing population in the country, with more than a thousand people arriving every day. Many of them are from New York State, leaving behind the cold northern winters for the sunshine state. Florida has always been a magnet for sun seekers, and now has the third largest population among the states after California and Texas, even though it ranks only 22nd in terms of size.
Why do people move to Florida? A sizable number move to escape the cold. Many of these snowbirds are retirees, giving Florida a large population of seniors. Seniors make up 17% of the state’s population. Many others move to Florida to take advantage of the economic opportunities in the state. Still others move to be close to their families or to educational opportunities.

Finding a home for sale
As you might expect, with so many people wanting to live in Florida, it’s not always easy to find Florida homes for sale. Nationwide, home sales are picking up, and reached their highest level in the past decade in November 2017. The last time such a surge was seen in the housing market was back in 1992.
This is why it’s a good idea to get help from a real estate agent. Especially if you’re buying your first home, there are a large number of factors to keep in mind. A realtor can help you find the perfect home, and deal with all the financial and administrative hoops you will have to jump through. From inspections to the final closing, it helps to have advice and support from someone who has the necessary training and experience.

Specific housing issues in Florida
A home with water views or actually on the water is a lifelong dream for many people. In fact, that’s why so many people move to Florida.
Anyone buying a home in Florida has to be aware that there are special factors to keep in mind, particularly for waterfront properties. One of these is the cost of insurance, which can be high.
Further, waterfront homes have to be built to withstand hurricanes and must be in compliance. They must have hurricane windows and storm shutters for all glass doors and outward facing surfaces. A local real estate agent can help you make sure that your dream home will also be a safe and comfortable place when hurricane season arrives.

Buying your first home in Florida can be both exciting and intimidating, especially if you’re on the brink of owning your own waterfront home. Real estate agents have all the local knowledge to help you find the right home where you and your family can live happily ever after.

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