Dust, Bacteria, and Chemicals the Hidden Dangers in Everyone’s Home

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In the United States, experienced maid cleaning service standards hire 894,920 maids nationwide with tips and tricks designed to leave your home looking cleaner and healthier. The effects of a clean home are both psychological and medical in nature: clean offices can help to increase workplace attendance by 46%, while 87% of women agree that a clean home is a reflection of oneself. Here are the tips and tricks to cleaning your home or office from the experts themselves.

Carpet Cleaning
Most Americans agree that a clean carpet is necessary to having a clean home, but how often should you clean the carpet? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that you should consider cleaning your carpet every 6 months or whenever it is dirty. Nearly a quarter of all Americans consider their carpets to be dirtier than their toilet seats.

Bathroom Care

Most Americans believe their bathroom to be one of the dirtiest rooms in the house. Considering everything that goes on in there, its no wonder why millions of Americans use harsh cleaners to eliminate bacteria and fungal contaminates. Maid services recommend running the exhaust fan, or opening a window, for 10 minute after you shower in order to prevent mold buildup.

Kitchen Cleaning

Local house cleaners devote plenty of time to scrubbing a kitchen since it is the place where your family eats. Cleaning services recommend that you clean the refrigerator every two to three weeks to eliminate harmful contaminates.

Bedroom Cleanliness

People might not like to think about it, but your bed contains hundreds of thousands of dead skin cells and hairs that can attract mites and other hard-to-see creatures. On average, people will change their bed sheets every two weeks. An experienced maid cleaning service recommends that you should change your sheets more often, every week according to the experts.

Airborne Contaminates

Invisible airborne contaminates are constantly present whether you clean or not. Dust exposure can affect the cognition of workers by 2 to 6% in a dirty office. While a clean office can reduce the probability of workers catching the common cold by 80%, using the wrong chemicals can actually do more harm than good. House cleaning services are familiar with which chemicals can endanger your family; they report that there are over 150 toxic substances linked to cancer from chemical cleaners.

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