European Remotes Add Special Button for Netflix

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The popular streaming service Netflix has a profound impact on how viewers watch television around the world: for example, shows that the company has produced, like “House of Cards”, have gone on to win Emmys and Golden Globes. Meanwhile, the recent arrival of Netflix in Australia has reportedly changed when and how people in the country use the internet. Given this influence, some viewers likely find it annoying that they can’t simply head straight to the network as soon as they turn on their television, instead of playing around with different buttons and equipment. Fortunately, all remotes may soon be able to do this: a number of news outlets have reported that several brands of television remote controls in Europe will soon include a special Netflix button.

Some people might be suspicious of this news, as many in the media reported the change on April 1. However, the reports seem to be legitimate: several brands of Smart TVs sold in Europe will feature a button that serves as a direct shortcut to the online streaming services. This change will affect new Philips remote controls, Panasonic remote controls, Sony remote controls, Toshiba remote controls and Vestel remote controls. One again, all remotes that feature the new Netflix button will be Smart TVs.

Similarly, some companies in the United States began offering a Netflix button on their remotes last year. However, this announcement marks the first time the Netflix button will be offered outside the U.S. Representatives from the streaming service have commented that the change makes watching Netflix as simple as switching the channel, allowing users to access their content quickly and effectively.

If you are an American viewer interested in obtaining a remote with a Netflix button, you will need a Smart TV for the addition to work. Moreover, if you live outside the United States and Europe, you will likely need to wait a few more years before this offer is available in your area. Fortunately, the spread of the Netflix button from the U.S. to Europe suggests that all remotes could soon include this useful new feature.

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