Find Your True Love Online with These 5 Tips

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Are you looking for love online? Many people today are. Many people actaully find it there. Nearly 60% of people who are online do say they think this is a great way to meet someone special. Nearly 66% of people who date online go on a face to face date with someone they met through an online dating site for singles or a dating application. If you are new to online dating, everyone is at some point, you may not know where to start.

Great Tips to Finding That Special Someone Online:

  1. Put safety first. Remember that not everyone is honest online. Even using the safest dating sites cannot prevent people from lying on their profile. It can also help you make sure the person with whom you feel you have a great connection is not wanted by the law in 20 states (not that they are). It is always good to follow certain safety tips when going to an online dating site for singles. Do not give out your home address, phone number or other really personal information. Meet the person in a public place when you meet for the first time.
  2. Decide what you really want.
  3. Are you looking for a long term relationship or a more casual thing. You can find both with online dating sites. Roughly 23% of all online daters marry someone they met online. Different online dating sites offer different kinds of services. There are free and paid services that can help match you with someone and others that let you find people by your own criteria. Recently, dating sites that offer specliazed searches have popped up. If you are really only interested in meeting Christian or Jewish people, for example, there are specific sites for that.

  4. Make your profile awesome.
  5. Find some pictures that you like of yourself that also show off your personality. You do not neccessarily want to brag but this is not the place to air all of your insecurities. Put your best foot forward when writing your profile for an online dating site for singles. Avoid lying. That sounds simple but even white lies that seem innocuous can be just silly. If you are serious about finding someone who will like you for you, you need to be you in your profile. Just think about how you would feel if the person you think you can communicate with is not really what they said they were.

  6. Take care when communicating online. Say you have found someone who interests you on an online dating site for singles, what then? Carefully draft a reply to them and make it personal. No, you do not need to write treatise on their favorite movies and music but try for something a little more detailed and personal than “hey.” You can try to compliment them or mention what caught your eye in their profile. This communication will determine if they respond so think about what you would like to get from someone.
  7. Learn to recognize married people on singles’ sites. If you are using an online dating site for singles, you may not expect the profiles to be of married people but roughly one quarter are. There are some things that these people do quite often. Their communcations will be more erratic. The profile photos they post may be harder to see because of the quality. They will not be as open about their lives. All of these should raise red flags for you as you look at different profiles. Try to avoid these people as much as you can as you are just going to be asking for trouble if you get involved with someone who is married. Unless that is your thing, avoid these people if you can.

Online dating has come a long way since it was first started. New dating websites offer many options that were never offered before. It is often hard to meet people away from work. Every online dating site for singles offers a chance to meet new, like minded people who may be great matches. Take your time and trust your gut when “talking” to people you meet on these sites and you can find a great special someone.

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