Five Ways to Increase Storage Space In Your Apartment

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Did you know that 35% of the American population chooses to rent an apartment over owning their own home? The reasons for this are numerous: while home ownership is usually an expensive commitment which requires a significant amount of upkeep, renting an apartment offers a high degree of flexibility and a low level of maintenance responsibilities. Moreover, with the wide variety of different apartment listings available in most areas, it is possible to find an apartment perfectly suited to your lifestyle and budget. However, for many people, there is one factor that keeps them from going out apartment hunting: storage concerns. Apartments are usually smaller than a house, and therefore offer less space to put the many possessions you have likely accumulated over time. Fortunately, there are not only a variety of different apartment floor plans that can offer the space you need, but also a number of apartment decor tips that can help you find a space for your things.

Hang Things On the Wall
If you find yourself running out of floor and shelf space, use hooks and racks to hang things on your walls instead. You can even use this option for larger items, like bicycles, but these might require the help of a professional to make sure they will be properly secured.

Buy Lots of Baskets
Baskets are a cute and effective way to hide clutter, and they can be used in several different ways. Try putting them under beds, lining them up on shelves, or simply leaving them out to give you extra storage.

Bring in Some Bookshelves
Paint them the same color and line them up wall-to-wall. This will not only create a uniform effect, but also dramatically increase your shelf space.

Hang Your Pots and Pans
Whether you use a pegboard on your wall or even invest in a hanging pot rack, this will open up an incredible amount of space in your cupboards.

Re-Purpose Unneeded Closets
While it can be challenging to find, much less rent an apartment with extra closet space, turning an unneeded closet into a tiny office, freeing up a significant amount of floor space that would have otherwise been taken up by a desk and chair. Fit in a small desk, a chair, and a light and get to work!

Finding a way to organize all of your belongings in a space with limited storage capabilities can be frustrating. However, given all of the other benefits you can access when you rent an apartment, this quality can be easily remedied by using some smart and effective decorating techniques. Try using some of the tips above in your home! More research here.

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