Four Questions to Ask About Assisted Living When Visiting a Senior Community

Updated 07/05/22

People fail to account for the retirement years. Luckily, some have longer retirement years than working years. For this reason, you should factor in some things before looking for a nursing home stay. First, arrange your finances. You shouldn’t be a nuisance to your loved ones while they are busy building their careers and growing their families. Sadly, most people wait a few years to retirement and start pondering on what to do during retirement.

Several articles have red flags to be on the lookout for regarding assisted living support. However, there are green flags you should look out for that will tick your boxes. They are; services offered, quality of staff present, size and location, and independence of choice. There are a few facts about assisted living facilities that you already know. For example, assisted living is for seniors and mentally challenged persons.

The best long-term care for your parent or loved one is derived from choosing a facility they are comfortable in. The facility staff should have high levels of professionalism and be friendly. Also, when do you need a nursing home? When your loved one needs extra company, there is no family member or friend close by to provide. Furthermore, you could always change the living home if you or your loved one are not comfortable.

Today more than ever before, Americans have a wide variety of senior care options at their disposal. From assisted living for those with mobility issues or memory care needs to independent senior housing communities that offer a range of activities, the world of 55+ living is more diverse than it was in the past. However, with all of these choices comes some confusion — namely, for many seniors who wonder whether assisted living is right for them.

The most important thing when visiting an assisted living home is to develop your own senior living guide to figure out what it is that you need from one of these communities. When scheduling a visit, for instance, you should prepare questions ahead of time to ask the staff, so you’ll have a good idea of whether or not one of these homes is the right fit for you. Here are just a few different questions you should think about including in your personalized senior living guide when you look into your elder care options:

What types of services do staff members in this home provide?

Some homes will help residents throughout their entire day. Others have a more hands-off approach and will only act as a concierge service or make arrangements for travel and home health aides. Find out exactly what is included in a particular senior community: from the living accommodations all the way to the meals they prepare.

What is a typical day like for residents?

Some homes allow seniors to come and go as they please and don’t have much in the way of planned activities; these homes might only hold social events once a month, for instance. Others have daily activities and outings for their residents in order to keep them a happy and tight knit group. Find out the level of involvement your home would have in planning daily activities, and find out if they any special programs for seniors with unique physical or mental needs.

How much does it cost to receive the level of care I need?

Some homes may list a price for a basic care package only when you meet with them. Additions such as a larger apartment or more intensive care may wind up costing hundreds or thousands more per year. Be sure to get an estimate in writing for your living expenses, so you’ll know exactly what the costs will be.

What other services would you recommend for me?

Finally, the dedicated people who run senior living homes will know exactly who is a good fit for their home and who isn’t. If you are an active adult looking into a home that deals primarily with memory care patients, then you may be referred elsewhere to get a living situation tailored to your lifestyle. However, if you need constant care, a manager should be able to tell you whether or not that home can give you what you need. If you could benefit from that home, staff members should be able to tell you exactly what services you might take advantage of in their facilities.

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