Four Reasons Your House Isn’t as Clean as You Think it Is

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No matter how often you clean your house, it’s probably never as clean as you think. Bacteria, germs and dirt are found everywhere in the average household. However, by hiring a professional maid service, you can save time and effort while ensuring you come home to a pristinely clean household every day. Professional maid service prices are also great for any budget!

Here are four facts that will make you rethink your home’s cleanliness:

1. Bacteria is everywhere: You’ve probably already heard the statistic about how your kitchen sink harbors as much, if not more, bacteria as a toilet seat. But did you know that recent studies have shown residential carpets to harbor as much as 4,000 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat? Most bacteria found around the house aren’t harmful, but a professional maid service is a great way to get rid of most of the bacteria and germs in your home.

2. Your house might be making you sick: Houses are a hotbed for pathogens and viruses. Cold and flu viruses can survive as long as three days on household surfaces like counters, computer keyboards, tables and desks. Studies have also shown that staphylococcus, or the Staph infection bacteria, is present in about 26% of bathtubs. To help keep sicknesses at bay, hiring a professional maid service is a good way to start.

3. Trying to keep a house clean takes time…lots of it: If you have a busy schedule, finding time to relax can be tough — especially when you have a house to keep clean. In home cleaning services are a great option for people who need to free up time in their schedules to focus on resting and relaxing. Professional maid services can also help tidy up messy drawers and organize your belongings.

4. Your house could be making your allergies worse: Household rugs and carpets harbor tons of allergens and dust, which can make life for people with allergies or asthma unpleasant. However, professional maid services use the most advanced vacuuming equipment to filter out the allergens in your home and leave you breathing easier. Find more:

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