Four Things to Look for in a Venue for a Special Occasion

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Are you searching for banquet halls for an upcoming event? Maybe you’re making wedding plans. Maybe you’re looking for baby shower venues. Maybe you’re planning out corporate events. Whatever the occasion, you likely feel a little overwhelmed by the options. There are a lot of banquet halls out there, and they are not all created equal. In fact, now you aren’t just try to make apples-to-apples comparisons between banquet halls. You have to weed through the converted factories and warehouses and barns that everyone is using for their special events. One day you aren’t going to be able to get gas without walking into a wedding venue (but we digress). To ease your anxiety about choosing the very best venue for your special occasion, we’ve put together a checklist of things to consider before choosing between banquet halls:

Four Things to Look for in a Venue for a Special Occasion

  1. Picture yourself taking pictures at your special event.

    The ambiance is an important factor of any venue, but sometimes that doesn’t translate well into photographs. In fact, the memories of your venue will fade, but the pictures last forever. Make sure you choose a venue that allows you to take Pinterest-worthy pictures. Heck, it’s not a bad idea to pull out your camera while you’re touring a venue and snap a few shots to get an idea of how it looks. Pay attention to the landscape out the windows. If your event is going to occur during daylight hours, make a mental note of the natural light that comes through the windows. You don’t want your bridesmaid brunch to look like you’re in a nightclub. Making sure that your venue sets you up to take amazing pictures will help you get the most out of your event.

  2. Ask about the necessities.

    This point isn’t as important if you are using a conventional banquet hall; in most cases the “normal” event venues are prepared to offer the electricity and space that you need for your event (but it still doesn’t hurt to look into it), but it is particularly important if you are planning to have one of those quaint random-place-converted-into-an-event-venue sort of occasions. Yeah, holding your wedding in a barn is so rustic and cutesy, but a huge bummer if it’s cold out and there is no insulation or heat. Before choosing a venue for your event, make sure it has adequate:

    • Plumbing. You’re guests are going to have to use the restrooms, and port-o-john’s really put a damper on a festive occasion.
    • Electricity. Keep in mind that your caterers, band, and heaters or coolers (if you need it) might require more than normal electricity.
    • Heating or Cooling. Unless you live in a temperate environment that is comfortable in all seasons, you want to make sure the venue you use can keep your guests comfortable in hot or cold weather.
    • Weather-proof. This applies to those of you who want an outdoor event. Does your venue have a backup plan if it rains or snows?

  3. Understand what you’re responsible for.
    When it comes to event venues, there are varying levels of involvement that you have to have in setting up. Some venues take care of everything from decorations, seating, to cleanup. Meanwhile, some venues only provide the facility itself, and you are responsible for every other detail. This can be particularly confusing when you’re trying to plan a budget. A venue that costs more might actually be a better deal if it offers all the details that you’d have to pay for otherwise. Make sure that you completely understand what is included and what you’re responsible for before choosing a venue.
  4. Count the eggs in your basket before they hatch.

    The capacity of the venue is one of the most important factors when choosing a place for your special event. The maximum number of people that a venue can accommodate isn’t a suggestion; it is the law for fire safety.

    Do a quick scan of your guest list before reviewing venues for your special occasion so you don’t waste your time dealing with venues that really couldn’t accommodate you anyways.

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