Four Types of Beds You Might Consider

Electric beds

If you struggle to get a good night’s sleep, you’ve probably tried just about anything to change that. If your struggle is just beginning, you may want to try changing your pillow, the temperature of the room, or your diet first. However, if you feel as if you have tried just about everything, it’s probably time to look into purchasing a new bed. This might seem like a tedious task, since there are many beds out there, however, depending upon your needs and your preferences, the decision is easier than you think. Read on for just a few of the types of beds that you can choose from.

Adjustable bed
Adjustable beds can be tilted into thousands of positions so that you are comfortable for both sleeping and lounging. Fully adjustable electric beds give you the option of tilting your legs up, too, not just your back, which may prevent complications from edema. If you share a bed with someone, consider a king adjustable bed, or a dual adjustable bed, that allows you to adjust both sides into positions that support your head, neck, shoulders, and more. Even if you don’t share a bed with someone, you may consider getting a king adjustable bed if you commonly watch television in your room, as it would allow you to treat your bed as a lounger or couch. If you don’t think you’d need a king adjustable bed, they come in all other sizes as well!

Memory foam mattress
Memory foam is very versatile, allowing the foam to mold around the shape of your body, which evenly distributes body weight. Since the memory foam molds to your body, it can support the curve of your spine, which may help to eliminate back pain. For those who are drawn to the many benefits of an adjustable bed, however, keep in mind that you can always get a memory foam mattress on an adjustable bed to take advantage of the benefits of both beds.

Pillow top mattress
Pillow top mattresses typically have padding sewn on top of the mattress, and can be made of a variety of materials. Initially, they are quite comfortable and can sometimes be effective in relieving back pain. However, they tend to somewhat sag and deflate, which decreases their comfort level quicker than other types of mattresses.


Waterbeds use a water system to support those sleeping on them. Typically, a waterbed can shape around your body, which may take away the pressure around your joints. They typically stay quite clean, as the vinyl surface does not absorb bacteria as a typical bed might. However, they may leak if punctured, which can cause large amounts of damage in your home.

So, what type of bed do you prefer? Have you ever tried any of the above options? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments!

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