Fouta Accessories That Dazzle

Fouta Accessories That Dazzle

Fouta, also known as peshtemal or hammam, is a thinly patterned fabric, usually cotton or lined, originally used in the Mediterranean region. Fouta accessories, such as towels, are often referred to as “Turkish,” even though it traces its origins to Tunisia in northern Africa. Fouta accessories are fashioned from fine cotton, which is woven, soft, and with delicate fringed detail.

Turkish or fouta clothing and accessories are versatile fabrics. They are light, dry quickly, and are durable and very absorbent. We’re going to look at some different fouta accessories, next.

  • Decorative wall hanging. Mix and match colors and get creative with adding fouta towels to your foyer, study room, or indoor patio.
  • Fouta throws. Add fouta blankets and throws to your home. They look good on couches, chairs, and beds. They add warmth, color, and an exotic touch. Needle to cuddle? Cuddle up with a fouta throw blanket.
  • Fouta bath towel. Add Turkish towels in your bathroom and your room will never be the same. These are great for summertime because they are lightweight but super absorbent. Also, they dry quickly thus eliminating the need for hanging in the sun or a quick dryer run.
  • Fouta head towel. You’ve had your shower and your hair is wet. Wrap it with a fouta head towel. Your neck and back will stay dry and pretty with a fouta towel wrapped around your hair.
  • Scarf. Wear a fouta scarf outside and be the envy of your fashion conscious neighbors. Another summertime favorite, a Turkish scarf is just the fit.
  • Belt. No, it’s not a belt. It’s a sarong when worn around your waist. Wrap a lovely fouta clothing accessory around your waist and you’ll be chic for sure. You can also use your fouta as a double for a halter. The possibilities delight. ,/li>
  • Beach towel. Take your Turkish towel to the pool or beach, and you’ll make a statement worth emulating. It looks great and wears (and removes) easily when slipped around your frame. Go for a swim or relax on a floaty and then dry off with style using your fouta beach towel.
  • Fouta bag. Bring together the four corners of your fouta towel and tie them for use as a DIY beach bag. Place your beach read and your sunglasses inside and tote with style. Fouta accessories have never been so stylish!
  • Picnic blanket. Spice up the aesthetics of your picnic with a lovely fouta towel as a picnic blanket. Your loved one will know you have style and pizzazz when sitting on your Turkish picnic blanket. Store fouta accessories in your car for spur-of-the-moment times when you need a throw or a blanket.

Take your Turkish accessories with you to add style and flair to your outings. Place them strategically around your home for comfort and beauty. Wear them for chic-ness. Whatever you do, do it with fouta.

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