From Photo Booths to Outdoor Dance Floor Rentals, Your Wedding Would Be Incomplete Without This Supplies

Wedding and party rentals

Nobody wants to spend money on a wedding only for it to be a forgettable event. In the days of themed celebrations, destination weddings, and other lavish affairs, it’s not uncommon for couples to spend big bucks on their special day. In fact, the average wedding reception alone cost $13,106 in 2012, and that figure has only climbed since then. The average cost of a wedding altogether for 2014 was around $30,000, according to CNN Money.

While it’s not recommended that couples go into debt tying the knot, there are some add-ons that they can use to make the day memorable — without breaking the bank. One way to save money is to host an event outdoors or in a private residence and use wedding and party rentals for all your supply needs. Here are three unique types of rentals that you can get before your big celebration:

Wedding Decoration Rentals

Many couples prefer to marry in front of an arch or lattice covered in flowers. These types of decoration rentals and others are available for couples to say “I do” before. Not only are wedding arches and flowers important, but so are other items that add a touch of flair to the event. For example, wedding linen rentals allow you to choose the colors you need for table cloths, napkins, chair covers, and more.

Photo Booth Rentals

The big thing today for weddings is the photo booth. Guests love to take photos of themselves celebrating, and couples also get a copy to keep to remember everyone by. This seems to be the new alternative to placing disposable cameras on guests’ tables, and probably more cost effective than developing film, too.

Outdoor Dance Floor Rentals

If you’re planning on having your event outdoors, you’ll definitely need a place for guests to cut loose as the night wears on. Outdoor dance floor rentals provide an even surface for the Funky Chicken, the Macarena, and the Electric and/or Cha-Cha Slides. Risers and stages for DJs or live bands make a perfect complement to this type of rental event rental equipment. If you plan to have any dancing at your reception, check out the indoor or outdoor dance floor rentals that you can get.

Want more tips on what to rent for your wedding? Leave a comment in the space provided, or get in touch with a local rental company to find out more. For more information, read this website.

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