Hiring Antique Furniture Movers

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Did you know that, on average, Americans move approximately 12 times in their lives? There are countless reasons to move to a new place: school, job, military assignment, family reasons, or sometimes just simple curiosity. But one thing is certain: it can be expensive and stressful. A recent study by the American Moving and Storage Association reports that the average cost of moving to another state is around $1100. One of the biggest expenses of moving is transporting furniture and appliances to the new location. Part of the stress comes from worrying whether or not important items will be transported safely, without a scratch. That handmade cuckoo clock crafted by your great grandfather, your art deco cocktail table, or rare painting: you want them to remain in pristine condition, but that’s hard when they have to be moved down three flights of narrow stairs, or driven over several hundred miles of curving highways.
When you have antiques and collectibles, you want to entrust their care to expert antique furniture movers. Consider hiring specialized antique furniture movers who are trained in handling delicate items, and have expert knowledge of everything involved in the process, from packing materials to carrying strategies. In addition to expertise in residential moving services and furniture delivery service, it is important that a moving service be properly licensed and insured.
An established moving service will have a business license and the appropriate drivers licenses, as well as insurance. Don’t be afraid to ask about these things when researching furniture movers; you can also inquire as to the experience of the people who will physically handle the furniture or other items, and ask for references from previous customers.
If you are moving within California, you’re one of five Californians who move annually. The California Public Utilities Commission regulates for-hire moving companies, ensuring that the proper licenses, insurance policies, and safety measures are at or above the legal standard. Even the price is regulated, capping the amount a mover can charge you. This allows you to focus on the expertise and customer service of the company, choosing the best fit for your furniture needs. If you need antique furniture movers, you can search for a company that specializes in that area. In addition, the California Moving and Storage Association (CMSA) represents several hundred licensed and insured movers in California, and offers advice on all aspects of moving.
Wherever you may live, and wherever you may be moving to, don’t worry! Entrust your moving experience to the experts, and get ready to enjoy the next chapter of your life.

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