How an Amish Built Garage Can Curb Your Winter Woes

Amish shed builders

If you live anywhere it snows, you know how miserable it can be to have to park your car in a driveway (or worse — the street). Every morning you come out to what seems to be six more inches of snow blanketing your car and the area just behind it. You have to brush snow from above the door so it doesn’t go all over the seat when you open it. You start the car and put the defrost and heat on their highest settings in hopes of melting the ice so you don’t have to use your ice scraper. You spend fifteen minutes pushing snow off of the top, sides, windows, lights, and license plates. Your hands are stiff. Your slacks are wet to the knee. And you know that you have to shovel some of that snow from behind your car or you’ll never get out of the driveway again.

This is the plight of the northeasterner most mornings from November through March. If your home doesn’t have a garage — and if you’re in the northeast chances are it doesn’t since many of these houses were built before cars existed — you can avoid the above scenario. If you’re in the northeast, you probably already know that the Amish are famous for their quality wooden outdoor furniture, garages, and sheds. Amish built garages will not only be well constructed, but from a type of wood of your choosing and built for your needs. This is because Amish sheds and garages are built by hand rather than predesigned and manufactured.

Amish built garages are more visually appealing than the typical metal roofed unattached garages that some people opt to get. Furthermore, since Amish are usually in farming communities, they are generally experienced in building large wooden barns and other structures. If you’re looking for a solution to the problems our upcoming winter poses, Amish built garages might be the right choice for you. You should consult with your local Amish furniture and building business to find out more.

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