How New Urbanism is Redefining the Classic Community

New home buyers tend to look for their homes on the internet. They also have new priorities, defined by a complex of features known as the new urbanism. These include walkable and environmentally friendly communities which are also healthier and more convenient than older suburbs. The classic community redefined comes with beautiful natural surroundings and luxury townhomes. It also offers convenient shopping nearby and excellent schools, as well as nearby dining and entertainment options. Besides the internet, real estate agents are a good source of information about neighborhoods as well other aspects of home home buying.

Redefining the classic community
The new urbanism redefines the classic community as walkable and environmentally friendly. Unlike older developments where suburbs were built around automobile use, these new homes tend to be located in walkable communities. Walkability creates communities that are both healthier for residents and more environmentally friendly.
These are especially appealing to new home buyers like downsizers looking for low maintenance living, younger families with kids who need a good school district, and those looking for a luxury townhome community. About a third of new home buyers, or 32%, are also first time home buyers.

The importance of local information
When buying a home, especially when it’s a first home, buyers turn to two sources of information: real estate agents and the internet. They’re looking for everything from explanations of their mortgage and to floor plans. A sizable majority, or 59% of all home buyers, feel that they would like to understand the details of their mortgages and financial arrangements better. They typically turn to real estate agents and the internet for more information about prospective homes and neighborhoods as well as the home buying process.
As many as 92% of all home buyers now use the internet. Real estate sites on the internet provide a large part of the information they need, including listings of homes for sale with detailed floor plans and pictures of the interior and exterior of the property. They can also find details like information about local school districts, shopping and entertainment, public transportation and other amenities.

New home buyers are looking for more walkable, convenient and environmentally friendly communities. The principles of new urbanism are redefining the classic community, as a neighborhood that does not depend solely on the use of an automobile for all basic needs like shopping and access to public transportation. These neighborhoods are healthier for those who live there are well as being more environmentally sound.

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