I Want To Donate To Charity Where Should I Start First?

Clothing donation pickup

When’s the last time you gave to charity?

If it’s been a while, never fear. There’s never a wrong time to be a generous soul and consider all the ways you can brighten up someone’s life. For those that are lacking some ideas…try digging around your closet and look for some old clothes you no longer wear. Clothing donations are one of the smartest ways of helping out your neighbor, your industry and your environment. You can even save a little extra money this year when you invest in a Red Cross clothing pickup service.

How does it all work? Here’s a breakdown on the function of free clothing pickup services and why they add so much to our everyday life.

Did You Know?

How good is the United States when it comes to charitable donations? According to recent statistics…there’s a lot to appreciate. Over 70% of people in the country give to charity year after year. That’s as much as 3% of total American income! Americans consume nearly 20 billion garments per year, however, and that means landfills that get higher and industries that get more strained the less we recycle. When you donate clothes you contribute to a growing movement that helps everyone across the board.

Too Busy To Donate? That’s No Problem At All

A major concern people have when it comes to charitable donations is whether or not they have enough time. Red Cross clothing pickup services have you covered. Many charitable organizations are familiar with the busy workweek and have services designed to help you donate clothes to Red Cross without snipping into your schedule. All you have to do is box up your clothes, give them a call and leave your stash somewhere for them to find.

Give Your Community A Helping Hand

Why do people donate to charity? The most common reason is just to give their community a helping hand. There are quite a few students, families and individuals who could really use more affordable, gently used clothing in their day-to-day lives. A recent study found 60% of high net worth donors actively citing ‘giving back to the community’ as their chief motivation for calling clothing donation pickup services. For 24 hours per day and 365 days per year the American Red Cross organization provides assistance to countless people across the world.

Support Your Environment Every Step Of The Way

Yes, your Red Cross clothing pickup can even help out the planet. That’s because landfills today are more congested than they’ve ever been, taking up valuable space and contributing nothing but waste, bacteria and scum to the environment. The vast majority of textiles, such as linen and cotton, can be easily recycled and repurposed back into the economy. According to studies provided by the EPA, Americans will throw away an average of 10 pounds of clothes per year. When you clear out your closet, you take the first step on a journey filled with generosity.

Clear Up Your Home And Save Some Money This Year

Giving back to your community and sprucing up the environment…are there even more benefits to be had here? That depends on whether or not you enjoy a clean house and a fatter wallet. When you donate to Red Cross clothing pickup make sure to keep your receipt so you can save some money on your tax return. Your donation to a selected charity of your choice is for the value of the items you gave away. To date the American National Red Cross is the 13th largest American charity as ranked by private donations.

Make donating to charity as common as spring cleaning. How can you share a little goodness this year?

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