Is It Possible to Build a Greenhouse for Under $10?

Have you ever wished for garden-fresh vegetables and herbs all year long? This is possible with your own greenhouse. However, you are likely thinking that greenhouses are expensive to buy or difficult to build. Yet, they don’t need to be either. In fact, it is entirely possible to build a small greenhouse at home for less than $10.

Video Source

Watch this video to learn how it is done.

Start by visiting your local dollar store or your local equivalent. You will want to start by buying a vertical shoe rack. This will serve as the base for your greenhouse. Instead of shoes, you will be placing small potted plants, vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc. Next, go to the home aisle and pick up a large garment sack. This will act as the plastic covering that will let the light in while still trapping the heat inside. These plastic garment sacks are the perfect option because they are partially transparent and also zip up which creates a seal so that the warm air stays inside. Now that you have your supplies, simply assemble the shoe rack and cover it using the garment sack. Just like that, you have a mini greenhouse for under $10.


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