It’s Time To Pursue Your Dream Of Owning Your Own Ranch!

Nebraska cattle ranches for sale

Are you looking to finally follow you dream of owning your own farm or ranch? Maybe you have a desire to raise horses on the equestrian property for sale that you keep seeing everywhere. Right now there is a boom of this sort of land for sale in America. For instance, you can find cattle ranches for sale in Texas, equestrian property for sale in Colorado, hunting ranches for sale in Idaho, and ranches for sale in northern California. With all of the options available to you, the only decisions you’ll need to make are where you want to end up and what you want to house on your farm or ranch.

What is The Difference Between A Ranch and A Farm?

There are several differences between ranches and farms. For instances, Ranches are typically extremely large and hold quite a bit of livestock such as cattle, bison, horses, etc. As of the the 2012 USDA census there are over 160,000 bison residing on private ranches in America. Often times you will find that ranches may not have a huge variety of crops, if any at all. On the other hand, farms typically focus more on the growing of vegetables, poultry, and pork, etc. Farms can be large too; in fact, the average size of a family farm in the United States is 450 acres. You may find that farms aren’t so usually as “open range” as ranches and don’t focus as much on the growth of livestock.

Benefits of Owning Your Own Farm or Ranch

If you talk to anyone who owns their own farm or ranch you’ll probably hear quite a bit about how much hard work it takes, but that will quickly be followed by how much they love what they do. Not only do farmers and ranchers get to be their own boss, but they have the luxury of setting their own pace, enjoying the outdoors, and in some cases being with family more often than not. Think of it this way – 97% percent of farms in America today are family farms. Some have been passed from generation to generation, but others are just getting started and are making it a family affair. Whether you want to want to open a luxury ranch where people can come vacation and experience what real ranch life feels like, or a cattle ranch that produces the finest beef possible, the benefits to you will be endless.

The next time you see a sign advertising equestrian property for sale in South Dakota or Oregon ranches for sale remember the benefits of owning your own farm or ranch. Think about the income you could generate while also being your own boss, setting your own hours, and working alongside your family.

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