Learn the Joys and Benefits of Retirement Communities

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A recent study showed that almost 60% of all assisted living residents visited at least two retirement communities before choosing the one where they lived. The same study showed that reputation was the most important quality they were looking for in a retirement center.

Another recent study showed that nearly ninety percent of seniors living in retirement communities rated their overall satisfaction as excellent. There are currently in the ballpark of one million seniors living in senior communities.

Years ago, nursing homes where the only options for seniors no longer able or interested in living on their own. This created a dilemma since many of them were not ready for nursing home care. There was a gap of seniors that needed extra help but not necessarily around the clock nursing.

This is where the senior living community grew. Retirement communities range from senior only apartment complexes that offer a great deal of amenities to assisted living facilities with private rooms but also community areas, activities, and nursing care. There are facilities offering the whole spectrum of care that may be needed.

There are also active living communities for seniors that simple want to be around other seniors and maintain an active social life. Many companies have recognized the need to offer care at the level needed and have created communities that offer a continuum of care. These types of facilities offer senior living apartments, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes, so seniors have what they need when they need it.

Many facilities can provide needed arrangements for married couples or individuals that want to keep their pets with them. Independent living and assisted care facilities allow residents to drive as long as they are still legally able to, but also provide transportation when needed.

Most importantly for many is that these communities provide seniors the independence they still crave while still making sure they are well cared for, eating appropriately, seeing their doctors, and getting plenty of exercise. There are plenty of studies showing how important it is to stay active as long as possible.

Being able to live in a community with others seniors and maintain an active social life also helps prevent depression, which is found to be increasingly common among the elderly population. Many senior living facilities coordinate activities with schools, scout troops, and preschools to create intergenerational activities, which have also been found to be highly beneficial.

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