Looking for Fine Waterfront Properties in Florida

The modern American real estate market is large and complex, and new home buyers may need some help when they are on the market for a house to buy. Even older Americans may want to enlist the aid of realtors, real estate agents, or real estate lawyers when they are looking for used or new construction homes to buy, such as waterfront properties along the Florida coast. Many home buyers look for used homes to purchase, but more affluent Americans are looking for new construction homes, which are often in nearly perfect condition and meet modern standards of construction and materials (and aesthetics, too). Finding houses for sale can be partly done online, but any home buyer will also visit these properties in person to really decide which ones appeal to them the most. This even applies to new construction homes.

Housing in Florida

What about Florida in particular? This coastal state is popular among older, more affluent Americans who can afford higher-tier housing along the coast, and the numbers show how popular these homes are. For one, it may be noted that some 36% of vacation buyers have bought property in a beach area, and close to 42% of those vacation home buyers are planning on using those properties as a retreat every year. How much do they cost? This caries, of course, but there are some trends to note. As of 2016, the median price of a vacation home sold was $200,000, and that is a 4.2% increase from 2015’s numbers and is the highest median since 2006. And as of spring 2017, nearly 9.26 million Americans reported that they live in a household that owns a second home, such as beach vacation homes (among others). Not everyone moves to Florida, but many do, seeking its pleasant coastal climate and attractive beaches. Often, these are older Americans who can afford such properties, such as new construction homes near Miami. By contrast, younger adults such as Millennials (born 1982-1995) are just now entering the housing market in earnest, and they don’t have the same spending power as their Baby Boomer elders. This may change in the coming decades, however.

Find a New Construction Home Right For You

Young or old, a home buyer may want some help to find the right property to buy. Fortunately, many professionals are available to help, such as real estate agents and real estate lawyers. Why lawyers? These professionals can help smooth out all of the complex paperwork involved in buying a house, which can save the buyer a real hassle. This lawyer can also take action for their client if, after the client bought a house, the previous owner attempts to claim it as theirs for tax reasons.

A home buyer will juggle many factors, such as location. Do they want a remote coastal property for peace and quiet? Or would they rather find a property close to urban amenities such as shopping centers, offices, schools, and parks? This may depend on the buyer’s family composition and age, as middle-aged parents may want local schools for their children and older Americans might want some peace and quiet in remote areas. The buyer may browse their options online to eliminate houses that they would not want, and visit the rest of them in person with a real estate agent. Even for new construction homes, which rarely have maintenance issues, visiting in person is important. The buyer will, put simply, get a feel for the house and decide if it feels like a place where they want to live in. They can’t find that out online, after all. And for used homes, a buyer will definitely want to check in person for any faults with the hardware.

Buyers may also make use of a real estate agent’s CMA software, or “comparative market analysis.” Both buyers and sellers use it, and these programs compare the prices of houses of a similar type in the area to make for a fair deal based on meta prices. After all, a buyer will refuse to buy an over-priced house, and a seller doesn’t want to lose a lot of money by selling their house for too little (compared to similar houses in the area).

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