Making a Difference – Charitable Clothing Donations That Make Lives Better

Donating clothes

Donating to charity is something that can always fill your heart with happiness and pride. Giving to those in need is an activity that our innate humanity and altruism dictates us to do, and it is an altogether good feeling to be able to make a difference by changing a few lives for the better.

There are over a million charitable organizations in America that provide life-enhancing services and support to those in need. If you are looking to donate and change a few lives, giving away your old clothes is a great way of achieving that. Donating clothes makes sense in many ways- not only does it allow you to ensure that your old clothes get used by the people who need them, it also ensures that your textile waste, 90% of which is actually recyclable, does not pollute the environment by ending up at a landfill.

A Great Place to Donate Used Clothes

If you want to donate your lightly used clothing to charity with the intention of empowering them in the process of helping families in need, the best way to achieve that is to look for charities that will pick up donations from your doorstep. More than half of the donating population prefer donating to a charity with pick up services, and a possible candidate for you to consider is The Society of St Vincent de Paul. When you are donating clothes to St Vincent de Paul donation pick up can be easy.

The St Vincent de Paul donation pick up services is geared towards making things easier for donors. Your clothing donations can be picked up from your home or from any nearby drop-off location according to your convenience. With your donations, the charity can then proceed to acquire the necessary funds to help those in need.

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