Moving Into Your 2nd Apartment? It’s Time to Live Like an Adult


Your first apartment, whether it be townhomes through student housing in college or just a small apartment downtown, was probably a disaster. You never cleaned anything, you didn’t even own a dish to wash, you thought that nasty smell was just the way the world smelled, and you slept on a little pullout couch that was also part desk, part TV stand, and part bathroom for those wild nights.

It’s almost a right of passage to live in a Motley Crue-style apartment for your first time out of the house. Your second apartment, however, and the rest of the apartments and homes you’ll live in from here on out, should be totally different.

Here are some things to keep in mind when moving from your first apartment disaster to your new adult pad:

Cleanliness is Cool

You’re not in college anymore — it’s time to grow up. Red solo cups scattered across your living room with beer bottles stuffed into your sink isn’t really a good look for an adult. Don’t treat your apartment the same way you treated your liver in college. You can still have fun at your place — within reason — but just clean up after yourself. It’s not that hard. Take out the trash, wash your dishes regularly, put away your laundry, and just be a clean person.

Area for Productivity

No matter what career field you’re in, you should still have an area where you can get stuff done and be productive. Not like college, when you wrote all your papers using your Xbox as a writing surface. The best part about renting apartments is that you can find nice apartments that offer more rooms than you need. A great way to make productive use out of a spare bedroom is to turn it into an office.

No More Lava Lamps

The last step you should take in converting your second apartment to a real life adult place, is to get rid of all your immature stuff. No one over the age or 20 should have naked posters of people all over their walls and take down the 420 Bob Marley poster, too. Fill your apartment with convenient, practical, adult item. Ties, dress clothes, office supplies, wine rack, desk, and things like that should be in your apartment… not an Austin Powers lava lamp.

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