Ordering a Fine Custom T Shirt Quilt Online

The very idea of blankets is an old and simple one: a sheet of fabric that you can use for sleep, a nap, or just plain comfort. Blankets today vary in their size, thread count, color, and warmth, with some bedsheets being thin for summer use and others being thickly woven to keep someone warm during the winter. Kids and adults alike enjoy having the right blankets for some rest or relaxation, and that includes quilts, too. In particular, quilts are made up of many different pieces of cloth or even clothing, and quilts are popular for each being unique and colorful in their own way. No two quilts are alike, and a person can easily customize and personalize a quilt based on their preferences. Quilts can commemorate nearly anything from your childhood to your college years to a honeymoon or anything else, and handmade quilts may be available for purchase. Making your own custom memory quilt is a different topic, though; many American consumers are looking for custom t-shirt quilts or memory quilt patterns pre-made and available for purchase instead. That, or custom t-shirt quilt services can accept shirts from the client and make them into a quilt for a fee, and hand over the final product. Custom quilts like these can be a lot of fun, and great quality blankets if made by professionals. When is it time for a custom t-shirt quilt?

On Making Quilts

The idea of quilts is an old one, and even the ancient Egyptians and China made them. Back then, quilt makers would use three layers of fabric (top, batting for warmth, and the backing) and stitched them together to keep the middle layer contained and in good shape. In fact, the oldest preserved quilt is the Tristan Quilt, dating back to around 1360-1400, in the late Middle Ages or so. And the idea of making quilts such as custom t-shirt quilts is more popular than ever today, and statistics are being kept to see how many quilts are being made.

What do the numbers show? A study done a few years back in 2014 showed that quilting in the United States made up a $3.7 billion industry, a pretty impressive size. In that same year, that study showed that around 21 million Americans made quilts, and 14% of all American households have at least one active quilt maker. Up north in Canada, a national quilt organization was launched in 1981, and the Canadian Quilters’ Association has some 20,000 active members and has yearly conferences.

How do thee quilters work? Among dedicated quilt makers, around 81% are traditionalists in how they make quilts, and 38% are art quilters and 35% of them make use of modern quilting styles (a given quilt maker may use more than one style). Dedicated quilters may each own, on average, some $13,000 worth of supplies and tools needed for making those quilts, and they may have a stash of fabric worth some $6,000 or so. Most of these quilt makers, around 88% of them, use a studio or room exclusively for sewing and quilting work, showing how dedicated they are to this sort of work. When someone is a professional quilter like that, they may get some requests for quilt making, and they may be happy to accept a commission for a fee.

Order Custom T-Shirt Quilts

Many ordinary Americans may try making their own quilt, but this job may be best left to someone with experience. Americans who want a quilt made out of old T-shirts and similar fabrics can send those materials to a quilter who has agreed to do work for them, and that customer can expect a comfortable and high quality (and personally customized) quilt in return, sewn just right. As mentioned earlier, a customer may have a collection of shirts and similar fabrics that are based on a time period of their lives or an activity, and if they don’t plan to wear those shirts anymore, those shirts can be made into a festive quilt to give them new life. This makes for a comfortable, high quality, personalized quilt that can be great fun to both use and look at. Some quilts are in fact more art than blanket, but can be both.

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